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There’s a lot that goes into choosing an exterior door, but the most important consideration is door material. Different door materials will perform differently, and weighing the pros and cons of each will help determine which is best for you.

When comparing wood, steel, and fiberglass doors, fiberglass often pulls ahead in many top categories. Let’s take a look at some of the most important benefits of fiberglass doors—and why they are a great fit for most homes.

5 Benefits of Fiberglass Doors


One area where fiberglass doors excel over their wood or steel counterparts is durability. Exterior doors are an investment, and fiberglass doors typically hold up better over time than other types of doors—and taking good care of a fiberglass door can make it last a lifetime.

While wood doors are often chosen for their aesthetic value, they are also prone to rotting, warping, or cracking. That can mean costly repairs or needing to replace the door altogether. With fiberglass doors, these issues are virtually nonexistent, ensuring the door can stay looking great and functioning at a high level for many years.

The same can be said when compared to steel doors. While often more durable than wood, steel is still prone to rusting and denting—issues that won’t affect fiberglass doors. Fiberglass doors are also lighter than steel doors, which reduces the stress on the hinges and keeps the door operating smoothly.


Fiberglass doors are built to last—which leads to the next point: security. Fiberglass doors are often fitted with high-density door cores that make them durable and highly secure. And because fiberglass doors stay in top condition for a long time, they help keep the entryway safe and secured for years.

Different manufacturers may equip their doors with a variety of safety features as well. For example, Plastpro fiberglass doors feature a proprietary, high-density polyurethane core that is built to stand up not only against forced entry attempts, but severe weather as well. 

Plastpro doors also feature a full-length lock block, ensuring that the door can be equipped with the best exterior door lock of your choosing.

Energy Efficiency

Safety is a top priority when choosing a new door, but exterior doors are responsible for a lot more than that. One of the most important functions of any good exterior door is energy efficiency. 

Fiberglass doors shine in this regard. Due to their strong door cores and minimal heat exchange, fiberglass doors can reduce energy bills and keep the home at a comfortable temperature in any season. Specifically, look for an ENERGY STAR-certified fiberglass door for top performance and major, long-term savings on energy.

Environmentally Friendly

Energy efficiency plays a major role in environmental friendliness. Because fiberglass doors help to conserve energy, they tend to have a lower environmental impact than wood or steel doors—but that’s not all. They’re also typically made from recycled materials and, given their long lifespans, produce less waste than other door types as well. All of these factors together make fiberglass doors a top choice for those looking for an eco-friendly exterior door.

Design Versatility

Performance is always a key consideration—but many homeowners also want their front door curb appeal to be high. Fiberglass doors come in a variety of design options that can match nearly any home and any aesthetic preference.

While many homeowners opt for the look of wood doors, some fiberglass doors feature wood grain shells that give them the appearance of a wood door, but with all the benefits of fiberglass. From classic Oak to rich Mahogany, fiberglass doors can match the desired look without sacrificing performance.

Fiberglass doors are also great for a more modern design as well. Available in sleek designs that can be painted any trendy front door color, fiberglass doors are great for contemporary or minimalistic homes.

Experience the Benefits of Fiberglass Doors

At the end of the day, the benefits of fiberglass doors make them a great fit for most homes. The combination of durability, security, and energy efficiency is unmatched—and with plenty of design options, it’s easy to find the right door for any architectural style and personal preference.

Plastpro takes pride in the benefits of fiberglass—all Plastpro fiberglass doors are designed and built with them in mind. Our doors are long-lasting, highly secure, and ENERGY STAR-certified for energy efficiency.

Experience the benefits of a fiberglass door today–visit our Where to Buy page to find a Plastpro dealer near you.

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