Adding a Dentil Shelf To Your Door | How To Guide | Plastpro | Plastpro Inc

Materials Needed:

  1. 1Latex gloves
  2. 2Safety glasses
  3. 3Mineral spirits
  4. 4Soap & water
  5. 5Stir stick
  6. 6Bristle brush and disposable container for mixing
  7. 7Recommend using DEVCON Plastic Welder™ adhesive (not included).

How to Install a Dentil Shelf

Dentil Shelf Installation Instructions

Please read and understand all installation and adhesive instructions prior to opening the adhesive cartridge.

CAUTION: Make sure your work area is well-ventilated. Keep adhesive away from heat and flame. Avoid any contact with eyes and skin. Read the warning label on the adhesive box.

NOTE: When painting, the door & dentil shelf should be unfinished when applying dentil shelf. When staining, the door & dentil shelf should be finished before applying the dentil shelf. Door needs to be removed from the opening and placed in a horizontal position for a minimum of three hours to allow the adhesive to cure.

Step 1: Before You Begin

Protect the underside of the door by laying it flat on padded sawhorses or another padded surface. Position the door with the exterior side facing up. Thoroughly clean the door surface and the dentil shelf with soap and water. Be sure to thoroughly rinse with water to make sure all soap and residue are removed, and then dry completely. Surfaces must be completely dry before going on to Step 2.

Step 2: Locate Shelf

Position the dentil shelf on the door so that it’s centered along the width of the door and parallel to the glass opening (the suggested location is centered from bottom of the glass frame and the top of panel embossments). With a graphite pencil, lightly mark the location of the top and sides of the shelf on the door face.

Step 3: Apply Adhesive

For DEVCON Plastic Welder™: Open adhesive cartridge as directed in the “DIRECTION FOR USE” instructions on the label of the adhesive cartridge. Dispense adhesive as instructed into a disposable container and mix thoroughly with a clean stir stick for sixty seconds. Using a bristle brush, apply a thin coat of adhesive to the underside of the shelf. Be careful not to allow adhesive on the sides of the shelf. The coating should not be more than 1/16” thick and should be approximately ½” away from all edges to help prevent squeeze-out. Carefully press the shelf onto the door face using your pencil lines (from Step 2) as your locating guides. Apply firm pressure to ensure contact with the door. You will have approximately 3 to 4 minutes to work with the shelf before the adhesive starts to set. Immediately remove any adhesive squeeze-out with mineral spirits and a clean cloth.

For other adhesives: Follow application steps per provided instructions.

Step 4: Cure Time

The shelf and door should remain in the horizontal position for a minimum of three hours to allow the adhesive to cure. After three hours, the door can be finished if painting or re-installed if staining. Full bond strength is reached at sixteen hours.

Step 5: Adhesive Disposal

Wipe tip clean, retract plunger slightly, and close with the special cap. Allow the adhesive in the disposable container to harden in a well ventilated area. Once hardened, properly dispose of adhesive.