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Recommended Door Installation, Care & Maintenance

~ Plastpro sells an unfinished door product, and requires finishing the door less than a month after site installation to minimize any potential cosmetic issue.

~ Do not expose door to extreme environmental elements in the time periods of: storage, installation, or other home maintenance (i.e. roof removal, etc.).

~ Machined doors cannot be stored outside on site prior to installation. On site pre-hung doors with no face bore protection from the weather will void the warranty. Unprotected exposure of the doors internal reinforced material during handling violates our doors' hydro-shield design.

~ Any accident, negligence, abuse, or improper installation of the door. Installed in abnormal or extreme locations or situations.

~ Improper finishing or assembly of hardware, such as the lack of applying the sealant properly for the lockset that may compromise our doors internal reinforced material.

~ Any improper pre-installation storage issues.

~ Any water and / or air infiltration damage due to inadequate installation.

~ Doors trimmed more than 5/8” off the bottom of the maximum length, or any alteration(s) to the door skin that could affect and / or change the skin thickness, will void the terms of this Limited Warranty.

~ See our staining / painting guides, and our installation topics on our website “How To Guides” @

~ Failure to comply with any of the above issues will cause the warranty to be void.