Wood vs. Fiberglass vs. Steel Doors: A Comparison Guide | Plastpro | Plastpro Inc

Wood, steel, fiberglass—oh my. There are a variety of materials to consider when choosing your home’s exterior door, and each type differs when it comes to appearance, cost, and more. So how do you choose between wood vs. fiberglass vs. steel doors for your home? Enter our comparison guide.

The top three contenders: wood, steel, and fiberglass

If you’re looking at new exterior doors, it’s likely you’re choosing between three types of material: wood vs. fiberglass vs. steel doors. Each has unique properties, and one type may be better suited to your home than the others.

Wood doors are one of the most popular materials based on their aesthetic appeal, while steel are typically the least chosen doors for the same reason. Wood door popularity has withstood the test of time (while the use of steel has waxed and waned).

Few materials have risen the ranks and evolved as well as fiberglass. Developed using polyester resin in the early 1900s, fiberglass doors were born and have become a common choice for American homes in recent decades. A number of factors will determine if wood vs. fiberglass vs. steel doors are right for your home, including the appearance, cost, durability, energy efficiency, and security of each.