Materials Needed:

  1. 1A fine tooth saw
  2. 21” finishing nails
  3. 3Hammer
  4. 4Nail set
  5. 5Ruler
  6. 6Level
  7. 7Carpenter’s combination square
  8. 8Panel adhesive such as Liquid Nails

How to Install Wainscot/Planking

Veranda Pre-Finished Reversible Vinyl Planking/Wainscot is an innovative product made from high-strength PVC composite. This product will not warp, corrode, or rot and will not develop mold or mildew build up. Since this product is pre-finished in white, it does not require any painting. However, if you would like to have it in a different color, you may also paint it. For painting, wipe thoroughly with water or an appropriate cleaner, such as ProClean Professional Prep Wash Concentrated Cleaner, to clean any dust or residue from the surface. Allow it to dry completely before applying primer. Then apply two coats of enamel paint, such as Behr Premium Plus Interior/Exterior Hi-Gloss Enamel or Glidden’s Evermore™ Interior & Exterior Latex Enamel High-Gloss. Please use the manufacturer’s dry times between coats.

Installation Instructions

Pre-Finished Reversible Planking

Available in two profiles. Perfect for interior and exterior use, such as Sunroom, Kitchen, Bedroom, Garage, and Basement. Completely water resistant.


For easy installation, use Liquid Nails or a similar quality panel adhesive. For better holding strength, use nails. Angle all nails and drive nails within ¼” of the surface with hammer. Then tap the board into place with a hammer and a wood block to protect the planking. For a better square fit, slightly angle the tongue of the planking to the groove. Due to mild expansion and contraction, do not press them against each other too tightly.

Step 1: Base Trim

Measure the correct length and then cut for an accurate fit on the wall. Saw into the surface for a cleaner edge. Apply Liquid Nails or a similar panel adhesive in a zigzag pattern before installing. Apply the panel to the wall, making sure the base trim piece has the pre-grooved end up. Check to see if trim pieces are correctly aligned and level. For better holding strength, use nails (see General). Fill in any gaps with caulk or wood putty

Step 2: Planking/Wainscot

Insert each piece into the groove of the base trim. Apply Liquid Nails or a similar panel adhesive in a zigzag pattern before installing. For better holding strength, use nails (see General). Each piece is tongued and grooved for a better fit and simple application. Begin at an inside corner and work left to right if you are right-handed, and right to left if you are left-handed. Keep the groove edge toward the starting corner, and the tongue edges toward your work direction. Nailing top, bottom, and every 16" to 32" will insure adhesive contact to the boards. Allow space between planking for expansion and contraction. Measure and fit the next boards carefully. The last board may have to be trimmed to fit into a corner.

Step 3: Chair Rail

To complete the job, make sure all planks have been applied to the base trim correctly and check to see that the product is level against the wall. Then apply the chair rail on top of the planks after measuring for the correct length. The chair rail is pre-grooved at the bottom fitting over the planks. For additional strength, also use nails (see General). Fill in any gaps with caulk or wood putty.


Regular cleaning of your planking with a damp cloth will leave it looking just like new. If the product has been painted, make sure to follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions for maintaining the finish.