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Whether you’re looking to buy a home or remodeling your current home, understanding home architectural styles can be important. Each style has unique features and personality, and knowing how to identify architectural styles will ensure you make effective design choices that fit the style of your home.

While there are many home architectural styles to choose from, here are five of the most popular styles and what makes each unique.

1. Craftsman

Craftsman architecture took hold in the 20th century, and the style is still sought after today. Craftsman style emphasizes modesty while also showcasing sophisticated, architectural touches. This architectural style typically features open front porches, shallow pitched roofs, and exposed elements such as rafters or beams. Classic Craftsman homes were typically painted with warm, earthy tones, but the style has adapted to fit with a variety of color schemes. The use of wood trim elements is common as well, as it captures the cozy, homey feeling that is a trademark of the style. This classic, American architectural style endures because of its personality and the fine craftsmanship that gives the style its name.

Inside, Craftsman homes match their exteriors with warm, functional spaces. This style may feature open floor plans, but tend to still feature distinct areas, such as a dining room, that encourage togetherness. Wood is often used to bring added warmth to the space. Elements such as hardwood floors or beamed ceilings are accented with wooden tables, bookshelves, or other furniture.

It’s no surprise, then, that the front door is typically wood grain. Plastpro’s Craftsman Door Series is a collection of ovolo and Shaker panel profiles, in fir grains and smooth skins that beautifully captures the classic feel of Craftsman architecture while also providing options that fit within the contemporary Craftsman style.

2. Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern architecture emphasizes simplicity. This often means straight lines (as opposed to curves), neutral colors, and the incorporation of structural elements into the design. This style is great for people who prefer a clutter-free space. Mid-Century Modern design emphasizes practicality, and therefore unnecessary decor or furnishings are not included, meaning more space overall. These homes generally have open floor plans that accentuate the minimal decor. There is also typically an emphasis on natural light with many Mid-Century Modern homes featuring large glass windows This, combined with the open layout, creates a bright and spacious living environment.

From an interior design standpoint, one thing that makes Mid-Century Modern architecture so appealing is the ability to combine many different types of material. Traditional materials like wood can be complemented with materials such as metal or glass, which provides a lot of design flexibility and can suit a variety of individual tastes.

Being that Mid-Century Modern architectural style emphasizes simplicity, Plastpro’s Modern Door Series is a great fit for this style. Like the name suggests, this series features modern design characteristics such as clean lines and single patterned glass options, as well as wood grain skins that can accentuate a traditional take on modern style. For emphasis on natural light, Plastpro’s Nova Door Series and Onelite Door Series are also great options to fit a modern aesthetic. Both feature full lite glass options, ensuring maximum natural light in the space while staying true to the sleek, streamlined, modern look.

3. Cape Cod

Cape Cod architecture has roots hundreds of years deep, but a revival of the style in the early 20th century made it a prevalent style that maintains its popularity today. Hallmark features of this architectural style include a symmetrical appearance, steep roof, and centralized chimney, all of which make this a fairly easy style to recognize. The exterior is typically a neutral, earthy color and shingled. Like Mid-Century Modern architecture, Cape Cod homes typically don’t feature much ornamentation, instead relying on the natural aesthetic appeal of its practical features, which were originally designed to handle the harsh weather of New England.

Given the history associated with the style, Cape Cod homes are typically furnished with traditional decor that highlight the classical beauty of the home. Wood accents, antiques, or nautical-themed pieces work well at drawing out the New England origins of the home, adding character to the space.

Plastpro’s Oak Door Series works well with Cape Cod architectural style thanks to the traditional design selection and variety of panel options available. Cape Cod homes are versatile when it comes to design, but a paneled, wood-grain option will work well in many instances and will bring out the classic charm of the style. Our White Oak Series works just as well and can add a bit of modern flair to the home while still providing varying panel options that will complement the style.

4. Victorian

Unlike the first three home styles, Victorian architecture has a flair for the dramatic. This architectural style features eccentric design elements like towers, turrets, and steep, gabled roofs. If that’s not enough to give it away, Victorian homes are also typically painted in bright colors and have other decorative elements, such as a variety of window types with decorative or stained glass. They are typically tall homes with two or three stories. This unique style has regained popularity in recent years due to its quirky exteriors and individualistic charm.

Victorian architectural style has roots in the Industrial Revolution, where a rise in technology allowed for more experimentation in home design. The ornate elements of these homes were symbolic of the increase in wealth during the mid-to-late 19th century. Because of this, traditional interior design elements of Victorian homes often include dark woods, ornamental furniture, and an abundance of decor such as rugs, house plants, and artwork. Today, many homeowners opt for space and light, making this type of design less appealing. However, Victorian homes are a great choice for those who enjoy decorating or collecting, as the style suits a busier layout.

When it comes to doors, Plastpro’s Smooth Skin Door Series is a natural match for Victorian architectural style. This series allows for maximum customization with a variety of panel designs and our largest selection of ornate decorative glass to create a statement in keeping with the rest of the home. These doors can also be painted any color, fitting perfectly with Victorian homes, as the brightly colored exteriors will often have a colorful door to match.

5. Mediterranean

Mediterranean architecture has Spanish roots, so it’s no surprise that this style is common in warm-weather areas like California or Florida. This architectural style is another that is easy to identify by its signature features: stucco or brick walls, red roofs, and ornamental details. The warmth of the style is brought out through the use of bright colors, and many Mediterranean homes also feature prominent outdoor areas. Italian influences like stone arches or columns are also commonly associated with Mediterranean architecture.

With added emphasis on outdoor spaces, Mediterranean homes typically feature smaller, more intimate indoor spaces. From a design aspect, dark wood furniture and lightweight fabrics pair well to enhance the warmth of the space. When used modestly, vintage decor also works well at giving the home character without sacrificing too much space.

Going off of that, a dark, wood-grain front door will tie both the indoor and outdoor spaces together well. Plastpro’s Rustic Door Series is a great match for Mediterranean architecture due to the rich, dark wood skins the series offers. The series also offers arched top doors which can accent any arches in the home’s design, and ornate, wrought iron glass inserts can add an additional Spanish flair.

No matter the architectural style, there’s a fiberglass door to match

Understanding how a home’s architectural style influences its design is important when making design decisions that bring out the best in your home. Choosing a fiberglass door that fits your style can tie the design of your home together, while also providing lasting benefits like energy efficiency, security, and durability. 

Check out Plastpro’s Where to Buy page for more information and direction on where to purchase fiberglass doors near you. For more information on our fiberglass doors, visit our website.

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