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Small Space Solutions: Design Tricks for Compact Living

The era of spacious homes is coming to an end, as current trends lean toward smaller homes, including tiny homes as a space and cost-saving solution. If you live in a small space or are considering downsizing, make the most of your living space with creative design tricks.

Ideas & Inspiration
The Complete Modern Home Makeover: Tips for Getting Started

Have you ever considered starting a modern home makeover? It can be an incredibly intimidating process, from ideas to completion, but with some forethought, budgeting, flexibility, and research, you can bring those modern home ideas to life!

Door Buying Guides
Understanding ADA Compliant Doors: A Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners and Builders

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has been a pivotal law in promoting accessibility and inclusivity in public spaces since 1990. For homeowners and builders, understanding and implementing ADA-compliant doors is not only a legal necessity but also a commitment to creating spaces that are welcoming to all. This guide will delve into what ADA-compliant doors are, their essential requirements, and the significant role they play in building design.

Door Buying Guides
A Perfect Fit Every Time: Plastpro's Guide to Ordering Custom Size Exterior Doors

Your home’s front door should be unique to your property. The eyes naturally gravitate to the front door, meaning this important part of the home is essential for maximum curb appeal and homeowner pride. Choose a Plastpro custom-size exterior door for your home and bring out the best in your property.