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Whole Home Remodel: Steps for Getting Started

For some, the prospect of remodeling their entire home may seem daunting. Time, energy, cost, impact on living arrangements—there’s no shortage of concerns to consider, but that doesn’t mean the results won’t be worth it.

Ideas & inspiration
The Complete Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is a time of renewal—nature rebounds from the winter months and returns rejuvenated, ready to begin anew. A lot of folks will take inspiration from this seasonal reset and apply the same principles to their home life, utilizing the beginning of spring as motivation to complete various indoor projects.

Ideas & inspiration
Get Inspired with Sustainable Home Design Trends and Ideas

Keeping your home on-trend isn’t always an easy task. Different looks are constantly coming into style, and each new movement comes with a slew of new ideas that can help transform your home inside and out.

Ideas & inspiration
Craftsman Homes: Everything You Need to Know About this Classic American Style

It’s one of the most popular, time-tested home styles in America, but which attributes make a home a craftsman home—and why is it so sought after? The reasons for this and the history of the architecture style itself are critical to understanding both a craftsman home’s appeal and its staying power.