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The Benefits of Energy Efficient Home Upgrades

Completing home improvement projects with energy efficiency in mind can have a positive impact on your utility costs, but did you know that altering your current abode and building an energy efficient home can also yield favorable results in other areas, too?

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How to Choose the Right Home Improvement Projects for Your Budget and Goals

You may be a new homeowner with a list of things you’d like to change or repair around your new dwelling. Or, you may have already spent years living at the same residence only to decide you no longer like certain aspects of your home.

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How to Change the Locks on an Exterior Door

When it comes to home security, a reliable lock may be the single most important thing on your home’s list of protections and deterrents. A lock that performs well will prevent easy access to your home, causing any would-be intruders to consider routes that make noise or bring attention to their activities—this can be enough to completely discourage a burglary altogether.

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Repair or Replacement: Which is Right for Your Front Door?

Ideally, a front door will last as long as the home it’s part of, acting as a welcoming sight to family members and visitors—as well as a reliable source of protection from the people, sounds and weather conditions of the outside world.