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Door buying guides
Pre-hung vs. Slab Door Comparison Guide

When deciding between a pre-hung vs. slab door, a variety of factors influence which is the best choice. Learn the differences and how to choose the right type.

Door buying guides
What to Consider When Adding an Exterior Door Sweep

Exterior door sweeps are a great solution for keeping out unwanted drafts or pests. Discover the types of door sweeps available and the benefits they can provide.

Door buying guides
Choosing the Best Exterior Door For Direct Sunlight

Sunlight can be great for lighting up a home, but for exterior doors, it can mean fading or damage. Learn how to choose the best exterior door for direct sunlight.

Door buying guides
3 Types of Door Knobs and How to Choose One

Door knobs can be a great way to add a personal touch to your entryway and complement your home’s style. Learn the three types of door knobs and how to choose one.