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How to Achieve a Rustic Look with Your Front Door

The rustic look is extremely popular right now, and for good reason—or, to be exact, reasons. The rustic aesthetic is a timeless one that harkens back to the days when our lives were more intertwined with nature.

Ideas & inspiration
Winter Door Decor: 8 Trendy Ideas for Celebrating the Season

While here in Earth’s northern hemisphere it’s still technically fall, the decorations aisle of your local retailer is probably beginning to look a lot like winter. There’s nothing wrong with a little preparation, and if you’d like your home to match the store’s enthusiasm for the season, you can make it winter ready in a variety of fun, trendy ways—and do so without breaking the bank during one of the most expensive times of the year.

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A Guide to Installing Plank Wall Paneling

If you’re looking to transform your space without starting a project that’ll last long or get too involved, planks offer easy installation and go a long way towards establishing a new motif in your home. The effortlessly beautiful design that accompanies the look of wood wall paneling adds raw charm that can turn an accent wall into a redefining feature of an area, and the versatility of wood means it can match a number of established design styles.

Ideas & inspiration
A Guide to Rustic Architecture and Style

It’s a good thing rustic is such a strong word, because it has a lot of different connotations to shoulder and expectations to live up to. When you hear the word rustic, your brain probably goes to work automatically, painting portraits of woodgrain and wood frames and large wooden doors.