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Plastpro Planking vs. Traditional Wood: Why PVC is the Superior Choice

When it comes to interior design, half the challenge is selecting the right materials. There is a decision to be made between traditional wood, MDF, and PVC planking. Take a deep dive into the available materials and you’ll find each material has its own unique aesthetic and functional traits.

Ideas & Inspiration
Winterizing Your Home and Exterior: The Complete Checklist

The arrival of winter is a transition point in seasons and indoor living. Homeowners spend more time indoors during the fall and winter seasons, attempting to escape the often harsh segue from the crisp fall air to the wrath of winter.

Door Installation Support
Can You Paint a Fiberglass Door? A Step-by-Step Guide

Can you paint a fiberglass door? It’s a question many homeowners have asked themselves or sleuthed for on the web.

Ideas & Inspiration
Exploring Biophilic Design: Connecting Your Home's Exterior with Nature

Biophilic design became firmly entrenched in the mainstream home improvement world across recent decades yet it was the pandemic that made this trend a true mainstay. This unique approach to design brings the outdoors inside and more toward the immediate surroundings of living spaces, beautifying homes, and home exteriors of all types and sizes. Even if you aren’t a nature-lover, you’ll surely appreciate a deepening of your connection to the natural world through biophilic design.