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As the focal point of a home, the front door should be at the top of any homeowner’s list when it comes to renovation. Over time, the exterior door of a home can be worn out by weather damage or heavy usage. In other cases, maybe you are just looking for a change or want to add your personal touch to your new home. 

If you are on the hunt for exterior door ideas to reinvigorate your entryway, check out these 10 exterior door ideas—ranging from quick fixes to a complete overhaul of your front door. 

Exterior Door Ideas


Arguably the least time-consuming addition to an exterior door is to add front door accessories. Adding a wreath to a door to celebrate a new season or placing plants at the sides of the door can immediately bring life back to a tired entryway. In addition, exterior decor can show off a homeowner's personality and make for a unique entryway on a street of seemingly identical homes.

Install a speakeasy grille

Reminiscent of the Prohibition Era, speakeasy grilles are an eccentric door accessory best suited for homeowners looking to add historical charm to their entryway. In addition to being a fun party trick – such as password protected parties – they also provide security to a homeowner when they are greeting a guest waiting at the porch.

Adding a pop of color

If you would like to go an extra mile and give your current door a complete makeover, consider repainting it. The front door color to choose can vary based on the style and color of your home and personal preference—anything from eye-popping bright red to calming seafoam green. 

For more information on painting doors, check out Plastpro’s guides on painting woodgrain or smooth skin doors.

Replace the door trim

In addition to being a good weatherproofing practice, replacing or upgrading exterior door trim can make your entryway feel brand new. Door trim (also known as moulding) is available in a variety of styles that can accommodate almost any door style ranging from a simple storm door adapter to arched headers.  

Install a transom

Transoms – a window that goes above the front door — can add additional sunlight to your home and serve as a nice focal point to the front door. Historically, transoms were used to maintain air circulation in a home, so adding one to your entryway could add historical charm to your front door.

Install new door glass

Front door glass comes in a variety of styles and can complement any exterior door. Textured glass is a great way to add privacy, while decorative glass with caming can add a dash of design flair. Often, homeowners can find a good blend of both privacy and design to suit their needs.

Plastpro’s selection of Doorlites make it easy to find the desired privacy and design combination. Each Doorlite option comes with an associated privacy rating, ensuring that homeowners know how opaque the glass is, while also having a variety of designs to choose from.

Upgrade to a full-glass door

A full-glass exterior door is an excellent choice for adding maximum natural light to the home. Like glass inserts, many full-glass doors come with textured and patterned glass options for additional privacy. Homeowners may also opt for full-glass doors with Low-E glass to enhance energy efficiency.

Install a dual dutch door

Starting In 2020, dutch doors began popping up in homes all over the United States. These dual doors allow for a homeowner to open only the top half of their door while keeping the bottom half securely shut. This is great for people with young kids and pets they don’t want roaming outdoors. In addition, it gives your home a charming cottage feel and allows for outdoor air to enter the home without leaving the door wide open. 

Grand arched door

For those looking to completely transform their entryway, installing a grand arched door can add gravitas to the home. An arched door would perfectly tie together the historic aesthetic of Craftsman or Tudor homes. For even more aesthetic value, adding an arched trim is a great way to tie the entire entryway together for a truly astonishing look.

Modern pivot door

For the polar opposite of historical charm, propel any entryway into the future by installing a pivot door. These modern revolving doors are perfect for fashion forward homeowners looking to modernize their home to the max. 

Transform Your Entryway With Plastpro

Whether you’re looking for small tweaks or major upgrades, Plastpro has you covered. With a variety of fiberglass door styles to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect fit for your home—from the classic Craftsman Series to the sleek Nova Series.

No matter which door you choose, every Plastpro fiberglass door is made to be long-lasting, secure, and tough against the elements. Pair with a PF Door Frame for an entryway that is nearly impenetrable, and add door accessories to tie the entryway together.

Check out our Where to Buy page to get started on transforming your entryway today.

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