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The speakeasy grille—reminiscent of Prohibition—is an accessory used on doors, even in this modern day and age. It’s often a front door accessory used to add a rustic or historical feel to a house’s exterior, especially for those who appreciate an architectural flair. The speakeasy grille is designed to open a small part near the top of the door—or mimic this look—where someone from inside the home can see or speak to a person outside. 

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should consider adding a speakeasy grille to your exterior door.

Historical charm

The speakeasy grille was popularized during the Prohibition Era, which fell between 1920 and 1933. Speakeasy bars were establishments that sold alcohol illegally to their patrons. The term “speakeasy” came from the phrase “speaking easy” that patrons would use, meaning to speak quietly to prevent authorities from finding out about the establishments. Patrons would speak into the speakeasy grilles to gain entry, often using a password. 

While speakeasy grilles were quickly abandoned after the Prohibition ended, they have been brought back in recent years as an elegant or historical touch to a home.

Conversation starter

Not only do speakeasy grilles have roots in American history, they’re a great accent piece to add to your door for a unique look. Speakeasy grilles can add a subtle touch of class to your home’s exterior and boost your front door curb appeal. This is a great way to impress any guests and visitors by allowing your style, personality, and appreciation for historical architecture to shine through your home. 


Speakeasy grilles that can open and close—like they did in the Prohibition—offer additional functionality to your door. When answering the door, instead of opening it to greet any callers, you can first check who it is from inside the safety of your home, especially if the visitor is unexpected. Speakeasy grilles can make it safe and fun for children who enjoy running to the door to see who is visiting. 

Pair your new speakeasy grille with Plastpro’s Rustic Series

Speakeasy grilles pair particularly well with Plastpro’s Rustic Door Series, which has charming features such as vertical planks, distinct panel details, and arched and radius tops. Depending on the style, you can opt for a country, vintage, or classic look to complement your home. The Rustic Series is made from fiberglass, which combines the charming, natural look of a rustic wood door with a fiberglass door’s low-maintenance benefits and enhanced door security

Plastpro’s speakeasy grille accessories offer two options: the Industrial Speakeasy, which offers the classic speakeasy look with wrought-iron bars and the Open Speakeasy, which offers the expected look of a grille with an opening. Pair your speakeasy with our other wrought iron accessories for a front door that is hard to ignore.

Design your door today and use our Doorability tool to visualize it on your home. Check out our Where to Buy page for more information.

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