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It is often said that first impressions mean everything. First impressions of people are certainly important yet first impressions of homes also matter. Your home’s exterior is integral to how it is perceived, its curb appeal (or lack thereof), and its value. In particular, the front door aesthetic is especially important. 

Select the perfect hue for your home’s front door and you will transform the property into something you are proud to call home. However, selecting the optimal color for your front door is easier said than done. Be mindful of your home’s idiosyncrasies including its architecture and overarching style when selecting the door. 

The subtleties of hues, color palettes and more all play important roles when selecting a new door. Choose wisely and you’ll add a new home door that adds to your property’s harmony and makes that all-important positive first impression. 

Let’s take a look at how to pick a front door color for your unique house.

Why Your Front Door Color Matters

Take a stroll or ride through your neighborhood and make a mental note of the first thing that comes to your mind. If you are like most people, your eyes are drawn to the front doors of homes, especially if those doors have a unique hue or one that is different from the rest of the home. Moreover, front door color is important as the entryway is the first part of the home visitors see and touch when transitioning indoors. 

If you are still on the fence as to whether it is in your interest to carefully select a new front door hue, consider the impact on potential buyers if you choose to sell. A gorgeous new front door with a color that complements the rest of the home is that much more visually impactful and easy to sell for top dollar.

First Impressions

The eyes naturally gravitate toward entryways as these walkways provide access to protected indoor spaces. The look of your front door creates an indelible first impression that shapes onlookers’ perception of you, the homeowner as well as your property as a whole. 

The front door is the focal point of your home’s exterior so be careful when selecting a new color. Choose the right color and it will make a positive psychological impact on all visitors and those who pass by. 

Above all, prioritize curb appeal. It is the curb appeal of your home that shapes perception, appeal, and value. The moral of this story is form is just as important as function when it comes to front doors.

Reflecting Your Style

The most impactful front doors are a reflection of the homeowner’s style and identity. Take some time to think about the colors, styles, and shapes that represent your style. Use your mind’s eye to envision how new hues will look on your home’s front door. Moreover, if your home has a unique theme or if you are considering enhancing your home with a visual theme at some point down the line, factor in that theme when choosing your new front door hue. 

In the end, the best new front door colors align with the style of you, the homeowner. Whether you are bold, modern, or more old-fashioned (a classic style), there is a new front door on the market for you. Choose the hue that creates a truly cohesive aesthetic with the rest of the house and you will be ecstatic with your choice.

Exploring Door Color Options

Take a walk around the block and you will find there are more front door colors than initially assumed. Though many home doors are brown, beige, or white, there are other options on the market. 

Color Palettes and Inspiration

The color most suitable for your home’s entry door is not guaranteed to be optimal for your neighbor’s property or another house in the neighborhood. Take a long, hard look at the different color palette options available for front doors before committing. Ideally, the color you select will jive with the property’s overarching architectural style. 

When in doubt, imitate the best. Take inspiration from the most visually impactful homes in your neighborhood or those in nearby blocks. Harmonize your new front door’s hue with your home’s existing paint scheme along with the colors of your window shutters, roof, and other visual elements of the property and you’ll be more than happy with the outcome. 

Impact of Hues

The unique front door in your neighborhood that strikes your fancy might not be a plain color. Do your homework and you’ll find some of your favorite front door colors are shades of hues, some of which you’ve likely never heard of. 

Sort through the options and you’ll find a myriad of choices including plenty of light and dark colors, each of which creates an idiosyncratic visual impact. Carefully select a warm or cool color choice, match the hue with your property’s existing architectural elements for aesthetic uniformity and your property will be truly artful. 

Practical Tips for Picking a Front Door Color

If you are uncertain as to which front door color is best for your property, take comfort in the fact that most homeowners struggle with this decision. Be practical when choosing between front door colors. Ask for professional advice, accept input from others including family members, and sleuth the web for inspiration. 

Do not commit to a specific front door hue until you have analyzed paint front door samples. Hold the paint samples up to your door to compare the hue to the rest of your home to get a sense of whether it is the right visual fit. Above all, be sure to test paint samples on a small segment of the door to get a sense of how it will look when the lighting changes. Observe the test sample beneath natural sunlight as well as artificial light and you’ll have a better sense of how it will appear when painted across the entirety of the front door.

Plastpro’s Doorability tool is here to make your life easier when selecting a new front door and color. Doorability empowers you to view your coveted home entry door without a considerable investment of time, money, or effort. Here’s how it works:

Simply upload a picture of your house, outlining the positioning of your front door. The next step is to browse through the entry door collections available through Plastpro. Each option you select will be conveniently visible on your picture. This is the perfect way to make an informed and educated decision about your front door’s new hue.

What Kind of Paint Do You Use on a Front Door?

The paint you select for your door partially depends on the type of door. Fiberglass doors are best suited for paint that is latex-based. Latex-based paint is more eco-friendly, generating comparatively fewer paint fumes than paint that is oil-based. 

Paint front door formulas that are oil-based tend to be laden with VOCs, short for volatile organic compounds. VOCs are released in the form of vapor during the paint drying process, ultimately posing a threat to human health. Some states have completely banned products containing VOCs. 

In contrast, latex-based paint is designed for addition to myriad door materials. However, if you choose wood for your entryway, such as that of the cedar variety, an oil-based paint might be optimal as latex-based paint has the potential to cause tannins to bleed, ultimately increasing the chances of staining. 

If you have to add an oil-based paint to such a door, do your homework to select one that does not contain VOCs. We invite you to check out our blog for more information about the different types of paint for front doors.

Your Perfect Front Door With Plastpro

Your home’s front door is one part function and another part form. View this entryway as an opportunity to express yourself and transform the exterior of your living space into something you are proud of. Explore the wide array of palettes, choose the perfect new door hue and you’ll elevate the exterior of your property to make a lasting impression.

Plastpro is here to help you bring out the best in your home, including its entryway. Our expertise and selection make it easy to pick a front door color that best suits your home’s exterior. 

Our main product line consists of the industry’s best fiberglass doors for your home. We also provide accessories for doors ranging from sidelights to hinges, speakeasies, and more. Whether you are looking for a regular home front door, a custom trimmable door, or a storm door, we’ve got you covered. Our inventory even includes doors that are ADA-compliant

Our products are available through local distributors, making it easy for DIY homeowners like you to upgrade the exterior of your home. We invite you to check out our convenient Where to Buy page to find a Plastpro dealer in or near your zip code!

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