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A front door is the heart of every home. As it’s one of the first things people see, the front door plays a major part in all aspects of a house—from safety, to curb appeal, to how you feel when you arrive home. Whether you’re looking to put your house on the market or upgrade your home’s appearance, one of the first steps you should take is re-evaluating your front door, as front door curb appeal will be part of your home’s “first impression” to neighbors and potential buyers.

There are a variety of ways to increase your front door curb appeal. Find out why it’s important and how you can boost yours with fiberglass doors.

door curb appeal

Why front door curb appeal is important

While a door isn’t going to fix a neglected front yard, it’s certainly an important factor when it comes to how inviting your home will appear. When selling your house, many real estate agents recommend upgrading or redoing a front door if its appearance is outdated or lacking charm. Not only does your front door have the potential to increase your home’s perceived value, a buyer’s first impression starts at the front door. 

Even if you’re not looking to improve front door curb appeal in preparation for selling your home, your front door still has an impact on how your home is perceived, and will still be a friend’s, family member’s, or neighbor’s first impression when they see your house.

Ways to improve front door curb appeal

Bold Colors

Homeowners have recently taken to painting a simple front door a bold color. While the past few years have seen a spike in boosting front door curb appeal with bright reds, yellows, and blues, moodier colors such as dark grey, midnight blues, and dark purple have started to trickle into the market. A door with a smooth, paintable skin, like Plastpro’s Smooth Series will lend itself well to this trend.

Panel Design

Carefully selecting a door with a new panel design is a great way to boost front door curb appeal overall, but also to express the style and personality of your home. Different panel designs convey different styles and tastes—for example, a simple, symmetrical design like Plastpro’s Oak Series Six Panel Door, is perfect for a traditional aesthetic, while arched panels in our Rustic Series align perfectly with an old world style. You could also opt for the boldness of deep panel grooving, which will help your front door stand out from a distance. Plastpro’s panels are one of the most defined options in the industry, mimicking the look of real wood, which is especially noticeable in our Craftsman Series Shaker Doors.

Horizontal Paneling

Speaking of panel design, horizontal paneling is a trendy choice that adds a touch of elegance to your home’s exterior. This design features parallel, rectangular horizontal panels—often five or six total—from the top to the bottom of the door. While you can upgrade these doors with a new color, the sleek, contemporary design can easily draw attention to your home as is. This style is popular both with and without door glass inserts, depending on which style will best complement your home’s aesthetic and architectural style. For inspiration, look no further than the South Beach Door in our Modern Series.

Clean Lines

Another popular, contemporary trend is choosing a style with clean lines. An example of this would be Shaker-style doors, which have no panel detailing for a minimal look that can be personalized with your color selection. We offer this popular style in our Craftsman Series

Door Glass

Most everyone loves natural light, so it is no surprise that this trend in exterior doors has had a recent uptick and is a great way to boost your front door curb appeal. Choose a door with a doorlite or glazed glass of any size to add natural light and an instant refresh to your home’s exterior style. Most Plastpro Series offer unique, decorative doorlite options, and we offer luxurious, direct glazed glass options in the Nova Series to maximize natural light.

Boosting your front door curb appeal with fiberglass

Upgrading your front door is one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve your home’s appearance, but choosing a door can be a difficult decision. In addition to design considerations, you must decide which type of front door to go with. When it comes to boosting front door curb appeal, fiberglass doors are an excellent choice.

Fiberglass doors offer a versatile selection, while being the easiest material to maintain. Fiberglass doors surpass wood in durability and longevity, while still offering designs that mimic the look of wood grains to match the traditional beauty many homeowners seek. While wood is prone to warping or rotting when exposed to heat and moisture, fiberglass doors are made of a composite material that will last for decades with minimal maintenance, even when exposed to extreme weather. A similar argument is made when comparing fiberglass vs. steel doors, as steel is prone to dents, scratches, and rust. Fiberglass doors are also available in smooth skins that resemble the look of steel, if that is your look of choice for improving front door curb appeal.

Regardless of which styles or designs you choose, updating your front door will refresh your home and its curb appeal. To update your front door today, visit Plastpro’s “Where to Buy” page to find your nearest retailer. 

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