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Once you’ve decided to purchase a fiberglass door, the next step is price comparison and quality assurance. Various factors can raise and lower the fiberglass entry door price, and it’s important to consider quality and lasting capabilities as it will make an impact on the overall costs associated with upkeep and replacement.

What are my deciding factors?

The average fiberglass entry door price can range anywhere from $200 to $1,500, with higher-quality doors running $2,000-$3,000 plus. A multitude of factors contribute to fiberglass door pricing and are crucial to consider when searching for the fiberglass door to meet your financial and quality needs.

Fiberglass entry door prices depend on a wide range of factors:

  • Unit size: width, height, and number of panels
  • Single vs Double Doors
  • Doorlite options: sidelites, transoms
  • Door jamb options: wood, metal, or composite material
  • Door glass insert treatment
  • Door finish: if the door comes pre-painted or pre-finished
  • energy efficiency score
  • required hardware (i.e. locks) on the door
  • additional customizations

Unfinished fiberglass doors will start on the lower end of the cost spectrum ($200-$300) while wood-grain varieties with glass paneling run anywhere between $600-$1,200. You’ll hit the $2,000-plus spend threshold with very high-end fiberglass exterior doors.

Fiberglass makes a valuable exterior door material

While typically more expensive than their steel counterparts, fiberglass entry doors are still an extremely cost-effective way to ensure the entryway to any home is energy efficient (saving customers money in the long run) and stylish.

Plastpro offers a variety of fiberglass doors with a number of features including various textures, wood-grains, and decorative glass options. Larger glass inserts will generally cost more than doors with small or no glass inserts.

Replacing an entry door, if needed, is one of the best home investments one can make. It costs less than larger undertakings and significantly increases the value of the home, as well as affects the aesthetic (after all, the front door is the first thing most people see entering the home). The durable, low-maintenance nature of a fiberglass door helps add to its value as well.

Consider a higher budget for modern door glass inserts

Factors like glass inserts have value-added characteristics that can up the price of the door. If natural light or modern glass doors are something you value, consider allocating part of your budget for these upgrades. Additionally, some glass inserts are made up of energy efficient or “low-E” glass, giving them higher insulation ability and better solar control. The frame that holds the glass may have different performance factors that affect cost, and the manufacturing process can play a role in door cost as well.

Multiple-paned glass inserts, glass with special coatings, and as previously mentioned, low-E glass, will run the price higher although creating aesthetic features for your front door.

Buying new is typically the best investment

Spending more—and buying new—can be a good investment, especially when it comes to exterior doors. By buying a higher-priced, energy-efficient fiberglass door, you can save more on heating and cooling costs in the home. Choosing a door that’s cost reflects its durability and strength will lead to less potential weather damage and less upkeep requirements.

The higher quality the product, the higher your initial costs will be—however, the payoff of quality and sustainability with fiberglass doors is certainly worth the price tag.

Check out Plastpro’s Where to Buy page to find the closest distributor for exterior fiberglass doors & door pricing.

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