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Plastpro is proud to offer a selection of doors that are ENGERY STAR qualified, which means these doors are independently tested and verified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) and meet the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) energy efficiency guidelines.

Plastpro’s NFRC-certified products are labelled to clearly break down energy performance. This is determined by the product structure and the amount of glass in the door by area, which provides a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient and a U-Factor rating.

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Searching for an energy-efficient door can be complicated. To help you in this process, here is a brief summary of several key factors to keep in mind.

A Solar Heat Gain Coefficient reflects the product’s ability to resist indirect solar radiation. The desirable coefficient depends on where you live- in warmer climates a lower solar heat gain coefficient will help keep the indoors cool, but in cooler climates a higher solar hear gain coefficient can help to keep the home warm. This rating comes in a range of 0-1.

The U-Factor rating measures how well a product keeps heat trapped inside, with a lower number meaning a higher percentage of heat is retained. Therefore, you want to look for a low number, with the range being 0-2.

R-values measure a product’s resistance to heat loss. Look for a higher R-Value for a more energy efficient product.

To get the best ratings, you should consider the amount of glass the door has (the glazing level) as well as the emissivity of the glass. The U-Factor Rating is affected by the airflow around the window and the emissivity of the glass. Glass with a low emissivity coating is a good option, because it absorbs less of the energy in the room to radiate through the glass, better maintaining room temperatures and conserving energy.

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Plastpro energy efficiency test results search tool

Use our search tool to find the right door to save money on your energy bill and keep your home comfortable. The tool filters our fiberglass doors and products by their performance factors. Tests and results in this tool include: preventing heat escape (U-Factor), Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), resistance to heat loss (R-value), and the NFRC Certified Directory Number (CPD#).

Please Note: This search tool is provided for your convenience. For any formal use of test results for Plastpro products, please refer to the National Fenestration Rating Council website for more information. We reserve the right to update this information at any time.