The Wait Is Over. Plastpro's Brand New Website! | Plastpro Inc

Plastpro is excited to announce the launch of their newly designed website. This is the first massive update to their website since 2013. 

The new website was redesigned to be more interactive, user friendly, and easy to navigate. It was developed based on user behavior and is more heavily focused on providing easy access to any relative information.

“Our goal going into the new website was to make it easier for not only our customers to use, but homeowners, builders, and basically anyone,” said Blake Huang, Marketing Manager at Plastpro. “We wanted to serve all user bases and become a resource for the industry.”

The website will not just have information on Plastpro’s products, such as their fiberglass doors and Polyfiber (PF) Frames, but also on industry topics like Sound Class Transmission (STC), water infiltration, sustainable design and market trends, and more.  

One of the new things users will find different from the old website is the products page. It features a more streamlined product list that can display many more items than before. It now provides the ability to see more detailed information for each product. Also, users are able to access related information of each product directly from the page they are using instead of having to go to a different part of the site.

When browsing for a door, users are able to be navigated to the door visualizer tool Doorability with the click of a button. Doorability allows users to be able to view the door they were looking at directly onto their home.

Other features users will find are: more engaged content, mobile friendly, and an advanced version of Doorability. 

Users are also able to find what they are looking for with more ease. The new search tool easily searches the site for doors, accessories, specifications, resources, and more.  

 “We wanted to create something that people will want to use,” said Nshan Petrosyan, Product Designer at Plastpro. “A lot of our customers spend time on the website so I just wanted to make sure they had a system that was a joy to use.”

Plastpro plans on continuously improving the usability of the website and creating valuable resources for users to use.

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