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Front doors are often the focal point of any home, both from the curb and the interior entryway. Although the aesthetic of the front door is a high priority for homeowners, safety and privacy are usually the top considerations. But, at Plastpro, we believe homeowners deserve the best of both worlds.

Most consumers would like their front door to be a compromise between privacy and aesthetics. Luckily, homeowners have a variety of front door privacy options that also offer amazing curb appeal. Keep reading to learn more about front door privacy ideas and how to best secure a front door. 

Front Door Privacy Ideas

Curtains or Blinds

Adding curtains or blinds to cover door glass is perhaps the simplest way to add privacy to a front door, but simplicity doesn’t sacrifice effectiveness. Both curtains and blinds are a great way to directly control how much light enters a space while also having the ability to completely cover the glass at night or whenever additional privacy is needed.

In addition to providing enhanced privacy, many homeowners use curtains or blinds as a design choice. While this is often thought of as an interior design choice, certain colors or materials can make a statement from the exterior as well, elevating curb appeal. For modern style homes, bold colors can add an immediate pop. Aluminum blinds are a non-traditional choice that can also provide a contemporary twist, while still providing all the functional benefits of traditional blinds.

Glass paint

It’s possible to achieve a frosted glass look by using specialized glass paint. The paint, typically available as a spray paint, can be applied to door glass for additional privacy. The more layers that are applied, the more opaque the glass will become, making it easy to achieve the level of privacy desired. 

Always be sure to check with your door and/or glass manufacturers before using this product, to ensure you are abiding by the care and maintenance recommendations and won’t void any warranties.

Please note: if need be, the paint can be removed with a glass scraper—however, this can be a time-consuming process.

Privacy window film

Window film can be easily applied to door glass. There are a variety of types of film that can be used to achieve additional privacy—even some that mirror the look of stained glass, providing an instant boost to curb appeal as well. Frosted or decorative glass designs also work well for added privacy.

That being said, using window film for door glass can result in unsightly air bubbles if not applied correctly. Be sure to use only high-quality window film, and as always, consult with a professional before applying if you have questions.

Frosted or opaque front door glass

While some methods can mirror the effects of privacy glass, choosing to go with frosted or opaque glass for a front door removes the additional work and mess that painting or applying film can create. 

Front door glass inserts typically come in a variety of designs and privacy options. This is a great option for getting the best of both worlds: design flair and enhanced privacy and security.

Plastpro’s Door Glass Options

Plastpro’s line of Doorlites make it easy to find the perfect combination of design and privacy. With a great balance of ornate caming options—such as the Castille or Priscilla—and subtle, highly private options—such as the Rain or Sable—it’s easy to find the design to pair with any front door or architectural style.

Each Doorlite features an associated privacy rating (on a scale from 1-10) to make it easy to know how opaque the glass is. For more information, check out Plastpro’s selection of Doorlites today, or check out our Where to Buy tool to find out where to get yours today.

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