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If fall is your favorite season, let us be the first to say you have good taste. However, you are not alone in your passion for autumn. There is plenty of love for the fall season as it is a welcomed transition away from the hot summer days, serving as a reprieve between extremes of heat and cool.

Homeowners especially revere autumn as it is an opportunity to add seasonal décor to the exterior of the home for everyone in the neighborhood to relish. Now that the crisp fall breezes are arriving, it is time to infuse the spirit of the season into your home’s front door. 

Whether you favor festive wreaths, seasonal door mats, carved pumpkins, or autumn foliage, there is no shortage of décor to add to your home’s front door. Take the fall season a step further with a creative DIY project and you’ll make your home’s exterior uniquely your own. 

Plastpro helps homeowners like you make their home exterior visually pleasing, fully functional, and a source of pride. Our stylish and durable front fiberglass doors serve as the optimal canvas for displaying charming fall front door décor. Here’s a quick look at a delightful array of front door décor ideas to celebrate the seasonal steppingstone of autumn. 

Embrace the Essence of Autumn with Fall Door Decor Ideas

The showcasing of your fall decorations has the potential to transform your home’s exterior. Sweat the small stuff of your home’s ornamentation and your front door will be the highlight of your property. 

The most impactful fall front porches are highlighted by unique seasonal niceties such as apple crate displays. A plain apple crate is the optimal platform for an engaging autumn display. Think of the apple crate as the canvas on which you present seasonal symbols to the neighborhood and all passers-by. Add a lantern, unlit candle, pumpkin and some fall leaves to your apple crate display and your front porch will symbolize the season to perfection.

Even the addition of a simple wood letter door sign that reads “Fall” or “Autumn” will express the seasonal spirit. Wooden letters spelling out the seasons or related words can be found in crafts shops, art supplies stores, and even some home improvement stores.

Let’s take a quick look at a couple of other ideas to help you and your family fully embrace the essence of the fall season through a captivating front porch.

Festive Wreaths

Use your mind’s eye to envision the ideal autumn home. If you are like most people, your thoughts immediately jump to festive fall wreaths, most likely adorning a front door. However, no two wreaths are the same. The traditional green Christmas wreaths added to front doors in the fall and winter seasons are only one option. Check out local stores’ inventories of wreaths and you’ll find a litany of materials, styles, and price points. 

Search the web for wreaths, click through the pages of DIY (do-it-yourself) ideas and you’ll find plenty that capture the true essence of the fall season. From traditional autumn wreaths to pinecone wreaths, dried leave wreaths, and more. The possibilities for your fall front door décor are endless.

In some cases, homes look fantastic with a basic twig and leaf wreath added to the front door as a symbol of welcome that greets all guests. If you are feeling especially festive, add a wreath featuring the colors of fall to make your front door and even your windows pop with eye-pleasing colors. Some homeowners add flowers, baby pumpkins, and pinecones to plain green wreaths for a fall infusion. 

Regardless of the type of wreath you choose, consider adding a colorful pumpkin arrangement along the door sides along with a grapevine garland for a true fall aesthetic. Even the addition of a seasonally-colored bow to adorn the arrangement will look amazing. 

Those who are feeling especially festive will consider the addition of a faux lamb ear wreath to their front door. Complement your wreath with a woven basket or two and you’ll take your front porch fall theme to new heights.

Seasonal Door Mats

Every home needs a lovely front doormat, especially when fall rolls around. The perfect seasonal doormat welcomes family, friends, and other guests to your humble home amidst the transition from summer to fall. A seasonal doormat sets the tone for your home’s front door décor. Match the hues of your front door wreath or other seasonal decorative niceties with the color of your welcome mat and the coordination will take your home’s curb appeal to the next level

If a fall-themed mat design doesn’t strike your fancy, consider a personalized welcome mat with a message of your own. When in doubt, opt for a front door mat with a festive single hue to match the season, be it orange, brown, tan, or beige.

Creative Pumpkin Displays

Take your home’s fall décor to the next level with the addition of pumpkins. If you take pride in your precision, carve a pumpkin of your own and proudly display it on the front porch for the entire neighborhood to see. Homeowners with kids are encouraged to help them carve pumpkins to prominently display on a festive fall front porch.

The combination of a front door wreath with an autumn-themed welcome mat and a carved pumpkin or two will elevate your home’s exterior to the next level. The icing on the cake is the addition of an accompanying floral arrangement with gourds. Gourds are hard shell fruits used for ornamentation, oftentimes on front porches. 

Vibrant Foliage Arrangements

Foliage is the symbol of the fall season. A collection of colorful leaves makes quite the vibrant front door display. The best foliage for fall décor consists of seasonal plants and flowers like:

  • Coral bells
  • Aster
  • Black-eyed Susans
  • Pansies
  • Ornamental kale
  • Calendula
  • Sedum
  • Nemesia

Grow at least a couple of these fall season plants in beds or containers on or near your porch and you'll transform your home's exterior into an epic seasonal showcase you are proud of.

Harvest-Themed Decor

Décor with a harvest theme signifies the transition from summer crop-growing to the fall bounty enjoyed by family, friends, and community alike. Even subtle harvest themes added to your front porch infuse a rustic charm that makes your house feel more like a true home. 

Examples of harvest-themed décor to add to your front door display include:

  • The classic scarecrow
  • Cornstalks
  • Bales of hay

If you have kids and some time to spare, get them in on the decorating action by creating a DIY scarecrow. Create a semblance of a harvest scene and your home’s entrance will feel truly welcoming as we transition from the summer months into fall. 

Autumn Floral Arrangements

The right floral arrangement has the potential to bring out the best in your home’s exterior. Fall flowers are especially pleasing to the eye when presented artfully. Floral experts favor amethyst, emerald, ruby, gold, and sapphire shades for the fall season. 

Combine a floral arrangement with seasonal greenery and you’ll have a decorative home exterior that adds up to a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Plastpro's Durable Front Doors

Take your home’s exterior to the next level with the addition of a Plastpro front door. Our doors are the perfect canvas for decorative fall ornamentation. Read up on the Plastpro brand and you’ll find our customers heap on the praise, highlighting our doors’ long-lasting durability, rigidity, and style. Our doors are one part function and one part form, keeping indoor air of our preferred temperature inside while keeping unwanted individuals, animals, and the hot or cold outdoor air outside. 

Plastpro doors are aesthetically pleasing yet they also provide homeowners with the opportunity to add their preferred seasonal décor for visual appeal. We invite you to check out some of our doors for yourself. Some of our customers’ favorite Plastpro doors include our fiberglass inventory including but not limited to the following:

We also carry Trimmable Series custom doors, a Fire Rated Series door, an HVHZ Impact Series door, Knotty Alder and Teak doors, and more!

Celebrate the Season with Plastpro

Incorporate one or several of the fall front door décor suggestions above and your home’s exterior will be that much more festive and charming as we change seasons. A warm and inviting entrance represents the essence of the fall season. Even minor additions such as an artfully carved pumpkin or a festive wreath will transform an otherwise dull home exterior into one you are proud to present to the neighborhood.

You are invited to explore Plastpro’s durable front door options. Take your time when perusing our inventory and you’ll find the perfect backdrop for your autumn decorations.

Plastpro doors and door accessories are available at a dealer near you. Check out our Where to Buy page to find a local dealer in your zip code or a nearby zip code in mere seconds.

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