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While here in Earth’s northern hemisphere it’s still technically fall, the decorations aisle of your local retailer is probably beginning to look a lot like winter. There’s nothing wrong with a little preparation, and if you’d like your home to match the store’s enthusiasm for the season, you can make it winter ready in a variety of fun, trendy ways—and do so without breaking the bank during one of the most expensive times of the year. Here are top picks for showing off your love for the season with your front door

Not Flying South

Creating a themed wreath for use in nature—such as hanging from tree branches or part of your porch—is a great yet subtle way to extend your winter decorations out into your yard. Grab a twig wreath, glue on sleigh bells or chimes for added cheer factor, and position a photo-realistic winter bird on the inside with more glue. Hopefully, this wreath will invite more feathered friends to perch and spend time in your yard!


Bear with Us

When it comes to holiday door décor, this piece is unique. 

At the craft store, grab a medium-sized wooden star or other holiday-appropriate shape, take a teddy bear (don’t use one with sentimental value, as this will go outside), and use a small piece of rope to affix the bear to the star. You should be attaching the bear by its paw.

Feel free to make changes to the wooden shape, such as adding fake snow to it or covering some of it in fabric. With its focus on browns and emphasis on the cute teddy bear, this porch décor is sure to add farmhouse style to your winter months. Include some simulated winter frost and you’ve got a welcoming piece with rustic appeal.


All Arrows Point to Bows

Creating a winter wreath from loose bows purchased as gift décor allows you to give those bows a new, prominent position as door décor that’ll last you throughout the holiday gift giving season. While store-bought wreaths are nice, they’re also expensive and carry little-to-no emotional weight compared to a unique project that could be completed as a family.

A door wreath is one of the best winter decorations for a front porch. It can transform the front porch into a more welcoming entryway for both the family members who appreciate it and the guests who see it for the first time.


All Wrapped Up

Utilize a large bow made from a durable material like burlap to turn your door into a large present, ready to be opened and enjoyed by any who choose to visit your home. Put a door hanger into action to avoid hammering holes in the door to affix decorations like this.

Large bows can also be used on wreaths to create minimalist statement looks. The larger the bow, the more you should consider foregoing any other decorations on the wreath.


A Garland Frame

Garland is a strong statement decoration that can help invoke the flora of the season. Usually, the best application of garland involves draping it around the desired area and mixing in other decorations, like lights.

Garland goes great paired with an evergreen wreath to match.


A White Christmas—and every other day, too

With this wreath style, chunky bits of white fabric should be connected and offset with other comfortable-looking materials, like flannel, to create an appealing, homely look. Utilizing white during this time of year can evoke a snowy winter scene or a feeling or contentment. Use white pom poms and thick white yarn to enhance that effect.


Door Tree

The evergreen tree is a classic symbol of the season, and you can add that de facto mascot of winter to your door by wiring small cedar wreaths to each other in the shape of the always green tree. 

For added effect, hang the tree with a large, thick red bow.


Metal Winter

The silvery look of metal pairs well with the deep green of the evergreen garland that’s prevalent during this time of year, so don’t be afraid to let any of your entryway’s metal accents shine in a sea of evergreen garland.

You can also purchase small metal trees to place around your entryway.


Upgrade Your Winter Exterior with Plastpro

There are a lot of ways to decorate your door for the winter, but those decorations aren’t a replacement for a sound entry door. Plastpro’s doors are fiberglass, meaning they’ll save you more on your energy bill than a traditional wooden door while requiring less maintenance. They’re also available in a wide range of styles and stains, from the traditional wood look to a modern cut with muted colors.

No matter which Plastpro door you choose, it’ll be ready for its winter and holiday accessories—visit a Plastpro dealer near you to begin the process and bring yourself one step closer to an inviting, reliable entry door.

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