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Biophilic design became firmly entrenched in the mainstream home improvement world across recent decades yet it was the pandemic that made this trend a true mainstay. This unique approach to design brings the outdoors inside and more toward the immediate surroundings of living spaces, beautifying homes, and home exteriors of all types and sizes. Even if you aren’t a nature-lover, you’ll surely appreciate a deepening of your connection to the natural world through biophilic design.

The appeal of biophilic design is that it significantly changes a living space through an artful bridge that connects the beauty of the outdoor world with indoor environments. After all, it wasn’t long ago when we spent the vast majority of our time outdoors, fully connected with nature. Before the Industrial Revolution, humans lived in an agrarian society with deep connections to the natural terrain including plants and wildlife. 

You now have the opportunity to reconnect yourself, your family, and your home with the beauty of your natural surroundings while maintaining the luxurious niceties of a post-industrial society. Embrace natural materials, combine biophilic design with Plastpro’s innovative and sustainable doors and you’ll create the revered biophilic stylistic design theme in your own living space. Here’s how to do it.


Understanding the Essence of Biophilic Design

Though the word “biophilic” sounds complex on the surface, there is no reason to be intimidated by this concept. The biophilic approach to design incorporates the subtle elegance of nature into built environments such as homes. The result is a harmonious link between what is outside and inside. 

Biophilic design also includes adding natural elements to landscaping, entranceways, and other exterior parts of the home. Incorporating this concept can be as simple as infusing natural light and lovely greenery into your home’s entry space, making your living space as serene as nature. 


The Philosophy Behind Biophilic Homes

The biophilic design approach is rooted in the innate connection between human life and its natural surroundings. This trend has planted its roots and quickly spread across the country, first among architects, and then among DIY home improvers. As an example, the popular hotel chain Embassy Suites built a successful brand using biophilic design. Embassy Suites executives correctly predicted bringing shrubs, trees, water, and other natural elements into its hotels would entice travelers to book reservations and return for additional stays.

The primary benefit of the biophilic approach is it beautifies a living space, bringing the beauty of the outdoors to residences for maximum visual impact. Moreover, studies show biophilic designs do more than please the eyes. Moving nature toward and even indoor home exteriors improves well-being, peacefulness, and personal health. Biophilic homes are especially beneficial in the winter months when people spend the majority of their time inside and lack access to greenery and other components of nature.


Key Principles of Biophilic Design

The principles of biophilic design are rooted in everyday outdoor surroundings. From natural light to water features, vegetation, shrubs, trees, and organic material, biophilic design has a plethora of elements that add to a whole greater than the sum of the parts.  

The best biophilic designs are somewhat interactive in that they incorporate multisensory experiences ranging from sight to touch and even sound. Biophilic designs ultimately lift the spirit with beautiful lively hues, natural patterns, and textures that immediately reconnect one to nature upon physical touch.


Practical Steps to Achieve Biophilic Exteriors

You don’t have to add large trees and shrubs to the inside of your home like an Embassy Suites hotel to enjoy the benefits of a biophilic living space. The biophilic design approach is primarily applicable to home exteriors though some elements can also be incorporated on the inside of your home.  

From planking to doors, windows, entryways, and more, there are numerous options for achieving the biophilic exterior (and interior) of your dreams. Incorporate some of the ideas listed below and you’ll have newfound pride in your living space.


Maximizing Outdoor Views and Natural Light

When home-seekers are shopping for a new home, real estate agents often advise giving preference to living spaces that have an abundance of light. However, large living room windows are not the only means of infusing light into your home. 

You can also welcome the natural light into your living room and spaces surrounding it outdoors with the addition of strategically positioned windows and carefully placed doors. Plastpro doors are perfect for achieving a seamless connection between the outdoors and indoors. Plastpro has an expansive selection of glass designs and options, one of which is sure to appeal to you and your family.

We invite you to check out the Plastpro Door Series to get a sense of which new doors work the best with your property. In particular, the Plastpro Nova Door Series features glass that is directly glazed into the door to create a seamless blend between the glass and the door. The large glass pane allows for an abundance of natural light and stunning views, making it the perfect choice for homeowners looking to bring the outdoors inside. These doors are available in two profiles: the traditional, Craftsman sticking, in a Smooth or Fir skin, or with a modern Shaker sticking and Brushed Smooth skin. 

Pair your new Plastpro door with Plastpro Sidelites decorative glass inserts and you’ll find the two have perfect alignment with biophilic principles. 


Greenery and Landscape Integration

The artful integration of landscaping and greenery into your home’s exterior has the potential to revolutionize this space. Even the subtle integration of vegetation, be it plants, shrubs, small trees, or other greenery, will greatly enhance your home’s exterior.

Take a moment to envision stunning ivy winding around the walls that surround your home’s front and back entrances. Such living walls make the transition space between the outdoors and the indoors that much more serene and visually impactful. Some homeowners are also adding vertical gardens along with other innovative green integrations into outdoor walkways and entranceways that lead into the home. 

If you aren’t completely certain as to which plants are optimal for your home, take your time and be selective. The best biophilic homes are characterized by the strategic use of plants that please the senses. Position such plants around your home’s outdoor entryways, doors, walkways, and even inside and you’ll notice their presence is transformative. 

Examples of the best plants for biophilic homes include:

  • Scented pelargoniums
  • Citrus plants
  • Calatheas
  • Monstera
  • The aforementioned ivy
  • Begonias

 If you want your home to have a green aesthetic with jungle-esque elements, opt for trailing and hanging plants. The addition of natural macrame hangers, woven baskets, and ceramic pots to trailing and hanging plants will make your neighbors that much more envious of your unique living space. 

Take the biophilic design approach to the next level with the addition of edible plants and herbs harvested for the kitchen and you’ll find your home’s interior lifts your spirit all the more. Examples of the best edible plants for biophilic homes include oregano, basil, mint, and parsley. Such plants can easily be grown on a windowsill. Homeowners with additional space could consider the addition of a home garden with vegetables like chili peppers or cherry tomatoes.  

A bonus is the addition of the plants mentioned above will infuse your home with oxygen that benefits human and pet health. However, a word to the wise: be sure to check the potential toxicity of every houseplant you select before incorporating it into your overarching biophilic design. Some houseplants can be toxic to pets.


Natural Materials and Textures

The best biophilic homes artfully combine a blend of tones and textures to replicate the beauty of nature. Check out the wide array of natural materials available for home exterior designs and you will be smitten. Modern homeowners are adding the likes of stone, bamboo, and wood directly into exterior designs for a more natural aesthetic. 

Truly elite Biophilic home designs are those created with sustainability in mind. Choose eco-friendly materials for your Biophilic home makeover or subtle additions and you’ll be that much prouder of your unique living space.

Plastpro is proud to provide homeowners like you with reliable fiberglass doors. Aside from holding strong across posterity, our fiberglass doors are also revered for being eco-friendly. Our fiberglass doors are a great green alternative because they are durable, have a longer lifespan, are energy efficient, and are environmentally friendly. We are especially proud of our proprietary foam cores, which are compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency’s SNAP 20 regulations for cleaner air, contain no Volatile Organic Compounds, and make use of more sustainable alternatives for foam blowing agents.

Plastpro planking is held in especially high regard. Our planking is carefully constructed with 100% sustainable materials, serving to safeguard your home against nature’s wrath while holding strong. The best part is that Plastpro planking’s sustainable materials are resistant to moisture, providing you with a long-lasting home renovation solution. 


Embracing Nature with Plastpro

If you are looking for home décor ideas, a new door, or an exterior upgrade, you’ve come to the right place. Choose Plastpro for your home and you’ll bridge the gap between the outdoors and indoors, developing a true sense of unity with your natural surroundings. 

Our planking and doors are perfect for homes of every type, style, and size, letting in all the natural light you could need while maintaining the biophilic design principles for the optimal unison of outdoor beauty and residential living.

Now that you understand biophilic design, it is time to transform your living space into a natural sanctuary that resonates with tranquility. Our planking products and doors are the missing piece to your biophilic design puzzle. 

Explore our offerings and you’ll find a wide range of fiberglass doors suited for any home style, as well as specialty doors including ADA-compliant doors, storm doors, and trimmable doors.  

Our products are available across the U.S. at a local distributor near you. We invite you to enter your zip code on our Where to Buy page to find your distributor and embark on your biophilic design journey.

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