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If you are like most homeowners, you might not have spent much time thinking about exterior doors, also referred to as the front doors of a home. What is out of sight tends to be out of mind so your attention is justifiably focused on the inside of the house as that is where you spend most of your time. 

Though exterior doors are out of sight, they matter a great deal. It is no secret that temperatures are rising throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Exterior doors have the potential to become a significant problem, especially if you reside in an area with comparatively warm weather and lack a formidable barrier to protect yourself, your loved ones, pets, and belongings from an increasingly hot outside world.

When selecting an exterior door, zero in on its features and characteristics. In particular, energy-efficiency is especially important. The exterior doors you select should be specifically made for areas with warm weather. Everything from the material to design elements and insulation matters a great deal. Choose wisely and you’ll reduce heat transfer, ramp up energy efficiency, and keep your living space comfy and cool throughout the entirety of the year.

When in doubt, lean toward a fiberglass door. Fiberglass doors are energy-efficient, affordable, and durable. Plastpro is proud to offer exterior doors with the industry's best energy efficiency. Our doors are carefully designed to endure harsh temperatures while offering the best possible insulation, style, and longevity.

Characteristics of Energy-Efficient Exterior Doors

Contrary to popular opinion, there are substantive differences between exterior doors. The best doors are highlighted by certain elements. In particular, the best exterior doors are strategically designed to retain their quality when subjected to the elements.

Heat-Resistant Materials

Temperatures are rising, the ozone layer is damaged and the population continues to grow. The combination of these factors puts the planet’s sensitive environment including your property in danger.

If your home doesn’t have a heat-resistant exterior door, now is the time to add one. Industry veterans unanimously agree that fiberglass is the optimal material for an exterior door. A fiberglass door is built to endure the brunt of Mother Nature’s wrath including egregiously high summer temperatures. Choose a fiberglass door for your home and you’ll successfully prevent heat transfer into your living space.

Effective Insulation

The best energy-efficient exterior doors are characterized by elite insulation. Check out the insulation options for exterior doors and you’ll be impressed with the plethora of options. In particular, exterior doors are revered for their foam cores that help maintain a cool and comfortable interior.

Thoughtful Design

Plenty of thought is put into the design of energy-efficient doors. It is the design elements of such doors that shape their functionality, form, and longevity. Weatherstripping is added to energy-efficient doors to prevent the outdoor air, including harsh gusts of wind, from moving inward. 

Energy-efficient doors also feature multi-paned glass to keep cool indoor air inside and hot outside air outdoors. These uber-thick doors make it that much easier to prevent heat, gusts of wind, precipitation, and other threats from entering your living space.

Fiberglass Doors: The Most Energy Efficient Front Door

When it comes to exterior doors, safety is the primary concern yet energy efficiency also plays an important role. Your home’s exterior door should not be a financial drain. Choose wisely and you’ll add a new door that keeps your energy bill at its current level or even reduces it.

Plastpro Quality is characterized by sustainability for the collective benefit of humanity, wildlife, and the planet. We use fiberglass for our doors as it is green, sustainable, and utilitarian. Select this eco-friendly option for your home’s door and you’ll enjoy unparalleled durability, energy efficiency, longevity, and a clear conscience regarding your environmental impact. 

Our doors’ proprietary foam core is revered for its elite insulation and full compliance with the EPA’s SNAP 20 regulations that pave a path toward cleaner air. Our doors do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Instead, we use more sustainable alternatives, preserving the ozone and environment.

Do some digging into the merits of our fiberglass doors and you’ll find we’ve gone to great lengths to perfect the transformation of fiberglass into entryways. Our fiberglass material is carefully designed for posterity’s sake, meaning they are built to hold strong and prove energy efficient across the long haul.

Every door we make is designed to last for decades, resist high temperatures, and hold strong against corrosive threats, ultimately reducing waste and conserving the environment. 

Give a Plastpro ENERGY STAR Qualified door a chance and you’ll find it requires significantly less maintenance than a conventional wood door. Our doors are strategically built to maximize protection and insulation while minimizing the impact on the fragile planet and its finite natural resources. The polyurethane foam core is high-density, reduces the consumption of energy by preventing the elements from moving indoors, and ultimately saves you a bundle of money. 

Our Hydroshield Technology ensures your front door is not compromised by moisture, humidity, or any other form of water. This tech is highlighted by a 100% composite barrier that safeguards the door on all sides, preventing rotting, warping, corrosion, and more. Our doors are even designed to prevent the accumulation of mildew and mold.

Plastpro doors feature fiberglass reinforced skins of the highest quality. Our door skins require nearly zero maintenance. Moreover, our door skins do not rust, rot, dent, splinter, or warp. Go ahead and paint and stain your door skin exactly as you desire and you’ll make your new Plastpro door uniquely yours. 

Our doors are also complete with full-length composite stiles to safeguard the door from outside moisture, preventing rotting and warping. Stiles are best described as the vertical components on door sides that connect the rails and dowels and are integral to door security.

Compare our doors to traditional doors and you’ll find our offerings have two times the strength of regular wood to retain screws. The composite rails along the bottom and top of the door are as strong as they get, helping to prevent moisture from moving inward. The prevention of moisture seepage also helps in the ongoing battle against mold.

If you are worried about locking your new exterior door with your preferred lock, don’t fret. Our extended lockblock full-length LVL ensures you can add the type of lock you desire for enhanced security. A bonus is the polyurethane foam core is high-density, meaning it will keep pesky noise pollution where it belongs – outside of your peaceful home.

Benefits of Fiberglass

Fiberglass is the perfect door material for those who live in hot climates. Multi-pane energy-efficient fiberglass doors have superior insulation that prevents hot air from moving inside your comfortable living space. Moreover, these thick doors are durable and secure, meaning they won’t falter if someone attempts to infiltrate your living space through the entryway. 

Add in the fact that fiberglass doors have a compelling stylistic element and there is even more reason to add one to your home. However, the most important benefit of fiberglass doors is the fact that they are energy-efficient. An energy-efficient door preserves your hard-earned money, ensuring you can spend it on what you value as opposed to absurdly high utility bills resulting from a poorly designed or leaky exterior door.

Explore Plastpro's Energy-Efficient Doors

Plastpro has the door you are looking for. Check out our inventory of energy-efficient exterior doors and you’ll find they are carefully designed to protect your living space, even if you live in a desert environment. Give our collection of exterior doors a look and you’ll quickly find they have elite energy efficiency yet also have other merits. Our doors are available in a litany of finishes, materials, and styles. 

Each Plastpro door is made with materials specifically designed for longevity and durability in hot climates. Moreover, our doors are available in myriad styles, one of which is sure to be the optimal aesthetic complement to your home.

The Right Front Door for Your Home with Plastpro

Your exterior door is your first line of defense against the ever-rising temperatures, the blazing hot sun, and the increasing number of storms. Select the right front door for your property and you’ll enjoy unparalleled energy efficiency. 

Fiberglass options are the cream of the crop, ensuring your living space remains well-protected, cool, and comfortable throughout the entirety of the year. Check out Plastpro’s diverse energy-efficient exterior door options and it won’t take long to find one that is perfect for your unique residence.

Plastpro’s fiberglass doors are available in your area. Our inventory also includes speakeasies, sidelights, hinges, and specialized doors. Our products are available through local distributors, meaning you are only a couple of clicks away from finding the perfect new front door for your home.

We invite you to check out our Where to Buy page to find a Plastpro distributor near you!

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