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If you own a pet or are considering adding a furry friend to your family, the experience will be that much more enjoyable for both of you with the addition of a pet-friendly door. Plastpro is proud to provide pet owners with durable fiberglass front doors that can accommodate the installation of pet doors. 

An integrated pet door makes your pet that much safer, independent and happy. The best part is Plastpro meets your needs and also those of your pets without sacrificing function or form. 

The end result is the perfect balance of convenience and functionality. This is your guide to pet-friendly door merits and installation.

Understanding Pet-Friendly Doors

Chances are you’ve seen a pet-friendly door on TV or at a friend or family member’s home. Such doors are built with small openings toward the bottom to permit dogs and cats to enter and exit the home as desired.

Door specialists are quick to point out most homes lack pet doors primarily because they are considered a challenge to install. In reality, pet door installation is easier than most assume.

The Basics of Pet Doors

Choose a pet-friendly door and you won’t have to get up and down from your chair or the couch to let your dog in and out of the house. Pet doors are directly integrated into the lower portion of existing doors or can be installed with a few necessary tools into an existing door. 

Features of Pet-Friendly Doors

Take a close look at the pet-friendly doors on the market and you’ll find each has distinct features. Though most pet-friendly doors are generally shaped the same, no two doors look exactly the same. Some such doors have a unique design or paint hue. 

Other doors consist of scratch-resistant materials or include safe locking mechanisms. In fact, this door niche has expanded to the point that there are now energy-efficient pet-friendly doors on the market. 

An energy-efficient door is even more important if you have an active pet who enjoys entering and exiting the home at a high frequency to minimize the loss of indoor heat or A/C. Such doors are particularly convenient if you live in a part of the country that gets especially hot or cold during the summer and winter seasons.

Designing Your Entryway with Pets in Mind

The overarching aim for any homeowner is to combine functionality and aesthetics together for superior ease of use and also for a door that is easy on the eyes. Special considerations come into effect when accommodating for furry friends, including making sure door, floors and surfaces are resistant to any unintended pet-induced damage. 


Incorporating Pet Doors in Your Home

If you are hesitant to add a pet door to your home, don’t fret. Adding a pet-friendly door is easier than most assume. Pet doors can be integrated into current doors or specially designed as a single door itself. Some pet doors are even customized for pet owners’ unique desires, which holds true for both entry and interior doorways. 

Those who are comfortable working with their hands will find they can install a Plastpro pet door on their own. There is also the option of leaning on a professional to install the pet door the right way on the first try for invaluable peace of mind.

Scratch-Resistant Doors for Playful Paws

Plastpro tech and materials make sturdy doors that endure clawing, scratching, forceful impact and other wear and tear from your furry friends. Plastpro doors are made with the industry’s most durable materials, with a wide range of door inventory accommodating styles from the modern to traditional, as well as unique needs like trimmable doors and storm-resistant entryways. 

Plastpro doors are built with longevity in mind yet no home barrier is infallible. Dogs and cats will inevitably leave bacteria, dirt and other grime along the surface. Clean the interior and exterior of the opening from time to time and you’ll make it that much safer for your furriest friend.

Installation and Maintenance of Pet Doors

Shifting focus to the installation of pet doors, keep in mind that installing the door the right way can help your dog or cat transition into and out of the home with surprising ease in the ensuing years or even decades.

Pet Door Installation Process

Installing a pet door requires a little bit of sweat equity yet it is well worth the effort. Pet door installation begins with a pre-installation checklist. Start off by selecting the pet door model of your choice. Be mindful of the size of your fur buddy and your doorway when selecting the door. 

Measure your pet’s height and width to guarantee the door accommodates the animal. When in doubt, err on the side of an overly large door as there is the potential for your pet to continue growing after installation. 

You’ll need a tape measurer and your tool set to perform the installation. Aside from a screwdriver, grab the following tools:

  •  Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Tape measurer
  • Hammer
  • Jigsaw
  • Level
  • Painter’s tape
  • Protective eyewear

Consider removing the door to make the installation easier. You can easily pop the door’s hinge pins out of the hinges using a hammer and blade screwdriver. Take off the door from the jamb and put it on a sawhorse or solid surface.

Step #1:Tape the template to the door to align the cutout. 

Step #2: Mark the drilling points with four marks on the inside of the outline. Drill half-inch holes on the marks along the corners. If the door uses screws to connect to the house door, drill screw holes with a 3/8-inch drill bit. 

Step #3: Remove the template, add the tape and connect the drilled holes. Draw lines to connect the outer portions of the holes. 

Step #4: Use a jigsaw to create the opening, starting in a corner with a half-inch drill hole. 

Step #5: Move along the penciled line to create the pet door outline. Add the exterior and interior frames to the side of the door. The frames are to be flushed with the door’s surface. Double-check the frame to ensure it is even on both sides using a level. 

Step #6: Add caulking to seal uneven door gaps. Next, hold the pet door still while tightening the screws. If you are installing a pet door within a panel door, consider applying caulk to the inner portion of the outer part of the frame to prevent air leaks.

Be especially mindful of the step-over, meaning the distance from the floor to the bottom portion of the pet door flap. This is the space that the pet is to step over to go inside or outside. The step-over height should not be greater than a third of the dog’s height. Be sure to leave a minimum of three inches beneath the cutout to ensure the door retains its integrity. 

If you become frustrated or confused when attempting to install a pet door in your door, don’t panic! The experts are a call away. In some cases, a brief discussion with an experienced door installation expert will be enough to steer you in the right direction, ultimately helping you complete the job on your own. However, there is no shame in asking the professionals to complete the project for you.


Maintaining Your Pet Door

Maintain your pet door and it will remain functional throughout the years to come. In general, the best maintenance for pet doors is regular weekly cleaning. Even if you can’t see dirt or saliva on the pet door, there is unseen bacteria that is dangerous to your fur buddies. 

Use an antibacterial spray to clean the pet door at least once per week. Take a close look at the pet door on a monthly basis to ensure it isn’t in need of repair. If you notice any jagged edges, bumps or other problems, address them right away to prevent potential harm to your pet.

Aesthetic and Functional Benefits of Plastpro Doors

Check out Plastpro doors and you’ll find they have the perfect combination of aesthetic appeal and utility. 

Plastpro doors combine elegance with practicality, offering pet-friendly features without compromising on style. Our doors not only cater to your pet's needs but also enhance the visual appeal of your home. With a variety of designs and finishes, Plastpro doors integrate seamlessly into any home decor, providing durability and ease of use for both pets and owners. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a scratch-resistant, easy-to-maintain door that keeps your home looking great and your pets happy and safe.

Finding the Perfect Pet-Friendly Door with Plastpro

Choose the right pet door for your home and you’ll enjoy an invaluable peace of mind knowing your fur buddy can enter and exit whenever necessary. Plastpro is here to provide you with that peace of mind through a convenient pet-friendly door. 

Take a look at Plastpro’s range of doors, as well as supporting accessories ranging from sidelights to hinges, speakeasies and more. Plastpro products are available to purchase across the country at a distributor near you

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