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Whether you’re gathering more information about why fiberglass doors are the right fit for your home or business, or if you’ve already made the decision to go with a fiberglass door from Plastpro, this guide is designed to help you find the best fiberglass door to fit your individual needs. We’ll be covering what makes Plastpro’s fiberglass doors a great choice, as well as each door series we offer, including what makes each unique and what benefits they provide.

The Perks of Plastpro

Plastpro’s fiberglass doors are fairly customizable and offer many performance features to fit any preference or need. For example, many Plastpro models offer low-emissivity (Low-E) materials that help conserve energy within the home. All doors are protected by our exclusive HydroShield Technology which creates a barrier against moisture and humidity. This, coupled with our fiberglass reinforced door skins, means no warping, rotting, or rusting and, ultimately, little maintenance and a longer lifespan. 

If safety is a top priority, Plastpro has you covered. Our doors are equipped with full-length LVL, providing structural support to protect the door from being kicked in and allowing for the installation of any residential lock type you choose at any position on the left side of the door. Our 8’0” doors also feature a steel bar in addition to the LVL, increasing rigidity.

Finding the Right Features

Each fiberglass door series from Plastpro features our blend of beauty, longevity, and security. Use our guide to determine which is the best fiberglass door for you based on your needs or preferences.

Most Natural Light: Onelite Series and Nova Series

There are many benefits to adding more natural light to your home. If brightening your space is a top priority, our Onelite Door Series and Nova Door Series are great options. With Low-E, cordless miniblind, and 9-lite divided caming options, the Onelite Series exterior glass panel doors fit a variety of needs with generous full lite and half lite models. Comparatively, the Nova Series features glass that is directly glazed into the door to create a seamless blend between the glass and door. The large pane of direct glazed glass makes this the best fiberglass door in our collection for letting light into your home.

We can’t forget to mention that most of our other collections, including the Craftsman Door Series and Modern Door Series, provide glass cutout additions to boost natural light, with many decorative options to choose from to complement any style home preferences.

Most Realistic Wood Grain: Limited Series, Craftsman Series, Mahogany Series, Oak Series, and White Oak Series

Choosing fiberglass as your door material doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the traditional beauty of wood grain. Plastpro offers a variety of options that have the authentic look of real wood with all the additional benefits of fiberglass.

Start with our Limited Door Series, which features the richest, most luxurious graining available for fiberglass doors. The series has two graining options, Knotty Alder and Teak, allowing you to choose the best option to suit your home.

If you’re looking for timeless wood grain options, the Mahogany Door Series and Oak Door Series are top choices. The Mahogany Series features fine graining and a variety of classic panel designs, while the Oak Series features the signature, prominent graining of oak with a wide array of panel options to fit any aesthetic.

Lastly, for a combination of classic wood grain and modern design, see our White Oak Door Series and our Craftsman Series. The White Oak Series features the distinctive graining of our Oak Series with a pre-pigmented white skin and a variety of design options, including decorative glass. The Craftsman Series features a fir grain option that offers an authentic wood grain look with a simple, modern appeal.

Most Customizable (and Paintable): Smooth Skin Series

The Smooth Skin Series is extremely adaptable. This series provides the widest range of panel selections and can be painted to match any exterior, making it the best fiberglass door in our collection when customization is key. In addition to the variety of design choices, the pre-pigmented white skin’s simplicity lends a modern, minimalist feel to any home.

Visit our guide for additional tips on how to paint smooth skin doors.

Doors For Any Style

Best Minimalist Design: Modern Series and Craftsman Series

The Modern Door Series effortlessly makes a contemporary design simpler. With modern beauty and clean lines, this look can refresh any home’s interior or exterior. Choose from single and twin lite flush glazed options for additional natural light, as well as three modern, decorative glass patterns to add elegance through simplicity.

The Craftsman Doors Series perfectly balances classic design with modern, minimalist simplicity. The simple Shaker models specifically offer the clean design that minimalists will adore. This is complemented by our two simplest skin options- fir grain (making this the best fiberglass door series for minimalists who prefer the charm of wood grain) and smooth. 

Best Traditional Design: Mahogany Series, Oak Series, and Craftsman Series

The Mahogany and Oak Series doors make great choices for anyone who prefers a timeless, traditional style. In addition to authentic wood grain skins, these doors feature a variety of panel designs and a selection of decorative doorlites to complement any home.

The Craftsman Series is a versatile choice that also suits a traditional style. With inspiration from nineteenth and twentieth- century architecture, a simple wood grain selection, and direct glazed glass options, our Craftsman doors are a great, all-around choice.

Most Classic Charm: Rustic Series

The Rustic Door Series was designed to provide classic charm while still providing upscale appeal with its vertical plank design, distinct panel details, and arched and radius tops. This series is complemented perfectly by Plastpro’s exclusive wrought iron glass designs, which can be paired with additional wrought iron accessories, like hinge straps, clavos, and speakeasies, that accent the classic, mid-century look.

Consider a specialty door based on your exterior needs

Most Remodel Friendly and Adjustable: Trimmable Series

The Trimmable Series can be altered up to 1” from each composite stile, ½” from the top rail, and 1½” from the bottom rail, giving you significant flexibility for an existing entryway. Trimmable doors are available in two skins: Oak Grain and Smooth Skin.

Best Protection From the Natural Elements: Fire Rated Series and HVHZ Impact Series

Made with fire-resistant composite, Plastpro’s Fire Rated Door Series is extremely durable. Our doors are rigorously tested and comply with safety and performance standards to withstand fire for a minimum of 20 minutes, and certain models are able to withstand fire for 60-90 minutes. These doors help ensure a safer home without any aesthetic sacrifices.

On a similar note, Plastpro’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) Impact Door Series is engineered to withstand the force of flying objects. Our Impact doors are created, tested, and certified to meet the most stringent wind and impact code requirements in the nation.

Best for Compliance: Residential ADA Series and Commercial ADA Series

Finally, our Residential ADA and Commercial ADA Series bring compliant designs to homes, multifamily buildings, and businesses. The residential door models increase accessibility in homes and apartments, with a 10.25” bottom rail that allows for a generously sized kick plate (up to 10" tall) to be installed on a range of our popular doors as well as optional reinforced blocking. Meanwhile, our commercial door models meet official ADA standards, with appropriately sized top rails and face stiles. 

Plastpro’s Commitment to Energy Efficiency

Fiberglass doors are a green alternative to steel and wood doors, among others, for a multitude of reasons, including their long lifespan, energy efficiency, and small environmental impact. Fiberglass materials are designed to last for decades and prevail against time and corrosive agents, leading to less overall waste. Plastpro fiberglass doors’ significant lifecycle also means fewer resources are required for frequent manufacturing, and as a result, are overall more cost-effective in the long run, as well as in monthly energy costs. Plastpro also offers Low-E glass options in the Craftsman Series, Nova Series, and Onelite Series.

Check out Plastpro’s Where to Buy page to find the closest distributor of the best fiberglass door to fit your needs. Once you’ve chosen a door, be sure to explore our how-to guides for more information on installation, maintenance, and more.

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