Plastpro Inc unveils new products at International Builder Show (IBS) on February 19, 2019.

Los Angeles, CA - Plastpro Inc, a leading manufacturer of fiberglass doors will be unveiling their new Nova Series and an additional one and two-panel shaker style doors at the International Builder Show (IBS) 2019 on February 19, 2019, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

IBS is the largest annual light construction show in the world. It features more than 1,500 of the world’s top manufacturers and suppliers. The show lasts for three days and will begin on February 19, 2019, and conclude on February 21, 2019.

“We always look forward to attending the show every year because it allows us the opportunity to launch new products,” said Blake Huang, Marketing Manager at Plastpro. “Since builders, architects, and so many individuals from the industry are here, it’s the perfect place to display our new products.” 

The new Nova Series features a large pane glass that is directly glazed into the door to create a seamless blend between the two. The glass also allows the highest amount of sunlight to enter into a home. The series comes in two models: Nova 45 and Nova 90. Nova 45 comes with a craftsman profile and in fir and smooth skins. The Nova 90 features a shaker sticking and comes in a brushed smooth skin.

The one panel and two-panel shaker doors straightforward design showcases the beauty a minimal design can offer. Plastpro brought back this classic old wood profile because of its simplicity and is easily adaptable for any home’s exterior. The new models are available in two different grain options.

Plastpro will be showing these new products in various sizes and grains at their booth #C3332 for all three days of the show. Their booth is located in the Central Hall of the convention center.

“The new doors are something we are very excited about, “said Marcel Chehade, Director of Sales at Plastpro.  “The Nova Series will be the direct glazed door that has the best quality and our exclusive HydroShield technology. It is the best in the industry, and we believe it will disrupt the market.”


About Plastpro:

Plastpro Inc. is an established leading manufacturer of fiberglass entry doors and has been in business since 1994. Our fiberglass doors have the best quality, require less maintenance, and offer higher performance ratings. We’ve introduced the first door with composite stiles and rails, HydroShield technology, and composite Polyfiber (PF) Frames to the industry. Our reputation was built on offering the best quality and innovative products through extensive research and technological developments. Plastpro is based in Los Angeles, California.

For more information:

Brenda Franco
Marketing Coordinator
310-693-8600 x 5413

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Doorability 2.0 BETA

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what a door would look like on a home. Plastpro has taken away the guess work and created an advanced version of their Doorability tool.

Doorability is Plastpro’s personal visualizer that helps users make decisions by allowing them to see how a Plastpro fiberglass door will look on their home. It provides users with a variety of options to create an entry that is uniquely theirs.

The tool was improved to increase user experience, and it features a new design with a smoother flow. It was also built with mobile standards. Users now do not have to use the tool in landscape mode because it looks and works great on mobile.

Users can create an account to save their project. They can create as many projects as they like and have the option to go back and edit them instead of starting again from scratch. Those projects can be easily shared with others on many social media platforms.

The tool is straightforward to use and requires minimum set up. There are two options when starting a project. Users can either upload a photo of their home or use inspirational sample projects that Plastpro provides. From there, they configure a single door in a standard, arch, or radius top to match the shape of their door in the image. They will also be asked to choose the height and width of their door.

One of the new features in the configuration gives users the option to zoom in on the pinpoint locator. This allows for more accurate results in how the door fits into the frame.

The tool automatically filters results based on the initial configuration and dimensions that were chosen. It will never show doors that don’t fit based on the opening that was selected.

After the configuration has been finalized, users pick the door series they want. Users can view all eight grains in the standard series: Cherry, Knotty Alder, Teak, Mahogany, Fir, Oak, Smooth, and True White Oak.  As well as the specialty series: Fire Rated, Trimmable, HVHZ Impact, and Residential ADA.

From there, users can pick the exact styles they like as well as the stain colors. The stain colors shown are those offered in Plastpros Pre-Finished Stain Kit. Colors are digitally generated and are for visualization purposes only.

At the end, they will receive a summary of the options they have chosen. Users have the option to save and download the summary as a PDF, so it is easy for them to order their door in the future. Doorability is currently in its beta phase, and not all features have been launched. In the future, Plastpro plans to include decorative glass, sidelites, accessories, hardware for visual purposes, and Polyfiber (PF) Frames. They will also be launching more configurations to include double doors and sidelites.

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STC, Can You Hear Me Now?

As part of their mission to provide resources for everyone in the industry, Plastpro has created a new AIA course centered on Sound Class Transmission (STC), Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class (OITC), and how to design for acoustic comfort using fiberglass doors.

AIA courses are part of the American Institute of Architect’s (AIA) continuing education program that is geared towards architects and builders.  These courses earn credits that AIA members are required to complete.  Course topics range from arts, architecture, construction, planning, design, etc.

Plastpro has been creating AIA courses for over 8 years and began creating them to strengthen their relationship with customers and builders.

The new STC course provides an overview of how architects can utilize fiberglass doors when designing for acoustic comfort. It will help architects and anyone interested in building understand the background and importance of designing for acoustic comfort, differentiate between STC and OITC used in building design, and learn about the best uses when selecting fiberglass doors for design projects.

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The Wait Is Over. Plastpro's Brand New Website!

Plastpro is excited to announce the launch of their newly designed website. This is the first massive update to their website since 2013. 

The new website was redesigned to be more interactive, user friendly, and easy to navigate. It was developed based on user behavior and is more heavily focused on providing easy access to any relative information.

“Our goal going into the new website was to make it easier for not only our customers to use, but homeowners, builders, and basically anyone,” said Blake Huang, Marketing Manager at Plastpro. “We wanted to serve all user bases and become a resource for the industry.”

The website will not just have information on Plastpro’s products, such as their fiberglass doors and Polyfiber (PF) Frames, but also on industry topics like Sound Class Transmission (STC), water infiltration, sustainable design and market trends, and more.  

One of the new things users will find different from the old website is the products page. It features a more streamlined product list that can display many more items than before. It now provides the ability to see more detailed information for each product. Also, users are able to access related information of each product directly from the page they are using instead of having to go to a different part of the site.

When browsing for a door, users are able to be navigated to the door visualizer tool Doorability with the click of a button. Doorability allows users to be able to view the door they were looking at directly onto their home.

Other features users will find are: more engaged content, mobile friendly, and an advanced version of Doorability. 

Users are also able to find what they are looking for with more ease. The new search tool easily searches the site for doors, accessories, specifications, resources, and more.  

 “We wanted to create something that people will want to use,” said Nshan Petrosyan, Product Designer at Plastpro. “A lot of our customers spend time on the website so I just wanted to make sure they had a system that was a joy to use.”

Plastpro plans on continuously improving the usability of the website and creating valuable resources for users to use.

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