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Many homeowners don’t think twice about their front door besides general security. However, there is much more to consider when maintaining the entryway to any home. Weatherproofing a front door against the elements is paramount to a comfortable environment inside. 

In this post we cover what it means to weatherproof a front door and the best ways a homeowner can weatherproof a front door to maintain a temperate environment indoors.

Why You Should Weatherproof Your Exterior Doors

Many times, windows are associated with a drafty home, but exterior doors can also be the culprit. Cracks in a front door or a compromised seal can let air into the home—in addition to other nuisances like unwanted pests. As a result, a home can be hot in the summer with the AC blasting or cold in winter no matter how high you turn on the heat. 

Fortunately, there are steps homeowners can take to weatherproof their front doors. Many of these methods are fairly simple and affordable, yet they can have a huge impact on the cost of heating and cooling bills in the long run.

Ways to Weatherproof Your Front Door


Weatherstripping is one of the most straightforward ways to weatherproof a front door. Most doors come equipped with weatherstripping, but it’s important to routinely inspect the weatherstripping to ensure it is functioning properly. Over time, age and use will result in weakened or damaged weatherstripping, and any cracks, gaps, or cuts can allow air to flow freely into the home.

There are a variety of weatherstripping options—such as foam, adhesive, or adhesive with grooves—and repairing or replacing weatherstripping will depend on the type. For instance, if your door is more modern, consider purchasing adhesive weatherstripping with grooves that can easily be inserted into slotted door jambs. 

After selecting the weatherstripping for your particular door, be sure to clean your door jambs and make sure that any prior weatherstripping is properly removed before installation.

Install a Door Sweep

Another option for weatherproofing a door is to install a door sweep. Door sweeps would be beneficial for homeowners who have gaps at the bottom of their front door. This product insulates gaps in the door while also sweeping away any unwanted dirt or pests while in use. 

Similar to weatherstripping, door sweeps come in a variety of options. An under door sweep is a great choice for keeping the sweep primarily out of sight. However, this style often necessitates that the front door be shortened to accommodate the product. This can cost more time and money. 

If you don’t mind your door sweep being visible on the door, purchase one that can be installed on the face of the door. Both under and front-facing door sweeps perform the same function. Selecting one style over the other depends on the homeowner’s aesthetics. 

Plastic Insulation

As mentioned, windows are the most commonly blamed for drafts inside the home, but front door glass can play a role as well. If you have a front door with a leaky window, but aren’t ready to replace the glass, one easy weatherproofing remedy is to add plastic insulation. 

Plastic insulation can typically be purchased as a kit that contains everything needed for applying the insulation, usually at an affordable price. While this is a temporary solution—the plastic will need to be changed out—it is a quick way to improve the energy efficiency of your door’s glass, especially in the winter.

Boost Your Entryway with Plastpro

Weatherproofing a front door is an important task that can save a homeowner from increased energy costs and unwanted pests. Over time, you will have to replace your weatherproofing products as they are worn out by the elements. The best way to weatherproof your front door is to purchase a door that is premade with weatherproofing in mind. 

Luckily, Plastpro’s fiberglass doors are energy efficient, secure, and built to stand against the elements thanks to HydroShield Technology. With a variety of design options available, it’s easy to find the door that fits your home’s style as well. 

To find out where to get a Plastpro fiberglass door, visit our Find a Dealer page today.

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