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Homes with French doors often spark bidding wars for good reason. French doors add a certain stylistic elegance to a home that pleases the eye while improving functionality, flow, and value. Moreover, French doors are favored for their versatility. These unique doors open wide, allowing sunlight, air, and easy entry into the home.

Long revered for their distinctive aesthetic, French doors are the ideal unison of function and form. Regardless of whether your house has a modern or traditional style, you’ll find the addition of French doors exterior infuse sophistication that makes your home look and feel more dignified. 

Plastpro helps homeowners like you find the best French door configuration for a truly seamless blend with your living space. Check out our wide variety of doors that can be added as French-style double doors and it won’t take long to find the right one for your unique living space. 

If you were to poll those looking for new doors or those in the market for a new home with spacious, stylistic doors, most would testify that they favor French doors for the following reasons:

  • French doors are visually striking
  • These wide doors are surprisingly energy-efficient
  • French doors are incredibly durable

The result is a welcoming entranceway that makes a house look and feel more like a real home. 

The Timeless Elegance of French Doors

It is often said that the best designs are timeless, meaning they are visually appealing in all eras. French doors are as timeless as it gets. Whether you prefer a modern interpretation of these double doors or a more classic approach, their addition to your home will captivate you, your family, and all guests. 

Aesthetic Appeal

When it comes to entryway doors, form is just as important as function. Doors are meant to keep homes well-protected yet they also add a stylistic component that makes a living space more enjoyable while simultaneously increasing the value of the property. If you are even slightly interested in making your home more visually appealing, French doors are the way to go. 

Your new French doors exterior will captivate, drawing attention to their beauty and also allow the sunlight to pour inward for a more enjoyable living space. A bonus is the fact that French doors look immaculate from the outside, ramping up your property’s curb appeal all the more. 

Versatile Configurations

There is a common misconception that French doors are all the same. The truth is there are several different variations of these unique doors. However, French doors exterior aren’t exactly ubiquitous so most people understandably assume they are available in a single size and style. Do your due diligence and you’ll find there are various configurations of French doors with a litany of styles and sizes.

French doors are available in the following forms:

  • Doubles for extra width and light
  • Singles for an infusion of style
  • Sliding for convenience
  • Folding for that extra touch of sophistication that takes your home’s aesthetics to the next level

Folding and sliding doors are held in especially high regard as they save homeowners space that can be used to roam freely without restraint or limitation. The extra space can also be used for many other purposes such as additional storage.

Regardless of your home’s space and architectural style, you’ll be able to find French doors exterior that look amazing. French door exterior hues and styles can even be narrowly tailored to your home’s current architectural style for the optimal match. 

Exterior French Doors

Half the appeal of French doors is how they look from the outside. Exterior French doors available through Plastpro can be installed as visually stunning double doors that take your home’s beauty to the next level. 

Examples include our Onelite or Nova Series including additional options with glass. Check out our product reviews and you’ll quickly find our customers revere our fiberglass doors’ durability, beauty, and efficiency. Your French doors will look and function the same several years down the line as long as you perform minimal maintenance. 

French Door Accessories

There is a common misconception that French doors are standalone home additions without any niceties. In reality, French doors have the potential to be what you make of them. Check out Plastpro’s inventory and you’ll find our French doors are designed with flexibility in mind. As an example, if you desire the addition of door frame components or decorative doorlites, your French doors will accommodate them.

Sidelights are an especially popular French door accessory. Sidelights boost the amount of interior sunlight for optimal clarity and beauty. In particular, homeowners who lack space above their doors to accommodate a transom favor sidelights. Some homeowners go as far as installing complementing sidelights to their French doors to add that much more illumination. You can take your home’s style to the next level by repeating patterns with windows of a similar style for enhanced continuity.

Our PF frames for exterior doors refer to Plastpro's Polyfiber frames. We use polyfiber frames as they are a breakthrough alternative material that quickly takes the place of conventional door jambs. Check out our uniquely formulated frame for yourself and you'll be smitten by the wood's beauty. 

Moreover, our PF frames do not require nearly as much maintenance as traditional door jambs. PF is resistant to thermal stimulation, proves durable, and can be installed similarly to conventional wood jambs. Add in the fact that our PF frames have a longer lifespan than conventional frames and there is even more reason to add them. 

Our decorative doorlites are glass inserts specifically designed for French doors and other Plastpro entryways. Give these decorative glass inserts a chance and you'll be enamored by their elegance and beauty. Our inserts are highlighted by classic styles along with textured backdrops, providing your home with an idiosyncratic customized detail, thermal protection, safety, and privacy. 

Doorlite glass inserts provide the perfect aesthetic for homes like yours. The best part is our doorlites are available in a litany of sizes, one of which will fit just right with your French doors. Examples of our doorlite glass insert designs include but are not limited to the following:

  • The artful and flowing Camelia
  • The conventional Castile
  • The upscale Brentwood Patina
  • The all-natural Rain
  • The energy-infused Spring

Installing French Doors

You have the agency necessary to install new French doors in your home. Even if you aren’t experienced with home renovations, a little bit of elbow grease will go a long way in enhancing your living space with the addition of new French doors. 

Grab your tools, watch a couple of YouTube French door installation videos and you’ll be on your way to adding lovely new French doors to your home.

What is The Difference Between French Doors and Double Doors?

Contrary to popular opinion, French doors and double doors are not the same. Though both are solid additions to homes, there are important differences between the two types of doors. French doors primarily differ from double doors in that they are made with different materials. Most French doors consist of glass panes that allow the sunlight inside for a priceless interior aesthetic. In contrast, most double doors tend to be made of wood. 

Doors made of wood tend to be less secure and durable than doors made with double-paned glass, aluminum, or UPVC. In short, French doors are almost always more secure and have more longevity than double doors. Furthermore, French doors are commonly favored as they tend to open outward to a deck, patio, or other exterior space, creating that much more room within the home. 

Some homeowners revere French doors as they serve as the perfect fixtures for comparatively smaller rooms that have minimal space. Such doors extend out from cramped areas, creating a pleasing walkway transition to outdoor parts of the property. 

An Elegant Entryway from Plastpro

Plastpro takes pride in making homes look and function their best. Our door experts insist on looking at French doors are more than mere entryways. French doors should be thought of as a homeowner’s statement that shows their home is a sophisticated place characterized by elegance and grace.

Check out Plastpro’s expansive collection of fiberglass doors and you’ll find improving your home’s aesthetic is easier than expected. The icing on the cake is that our French doors ramp up your home’s energy efficiency and durability. Moreover, our French doors make homes that are much more versatile, transforming plain entrances into walkways fit for royalty. 

Seize the opportunity to transform your home from a run-of-the-mill living space into a welcoming masterpiece and you won’t hesitate to recommend the addition of our French doors to neighbors, friends, family, and colleagues. 

Plastpro’s doors and related accessories are available at a dealer near you. We also sell hinges, sidelights, speakeasies, and more. We invite you to check out our Where to Buy page to find a dealer in your local zip code or a nearby zip code.

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