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When it comes to interior design, half the challenge is selecting the right materials. There is a decision to be made between traditional wood, MDF, and PVC planking. Take a deep dive into the available materials and you’ll find each material has its own unique aesthetic and functional traits. 

One planking option emerges as elite: Plastpro Planking. Below, we provide a look at the merits and potential drawbacks of the different materials for interior planking, highlighting how Plastpro’s Reversible Plank Wall Panels stand out above the rest. 

Understanding Different Planking Materials 

There is a common misconception that planking materials are all generally the same. Though planking materials serve the same purpose, they have substantive differences every homeowner should know about. 

Carefully choose between PVC, MDF, and wood after reviewing the details of each as highlighted below and you’ll be happy with your choice.

Traditional Wood

Opt for wood and you’ll enjoy a classic visual appeal that makes your living space feel like a true home. Wood is pleasing to the eye and functional yet it has some drawbacks in terms of durability, cost, and ongoing maintenance. Wood chips, weathers, and is susceptible to termites. Changes in temperature and moisture can warp, weaken, or otherwise compromise wood. Moreover, if wood is not properly maintained, it will require early replacement, necessitating an even larger financial investment.

There is also the potential for wood to grow mold. The bottom line is your wood planks will not be completely resistant to moisture until treated and polished. Furthermore, it is also worth pointing out that wood is heavier than PVC and also absorbs more heat than PVC, meaning it will swell, warp, and require premature replacement unless properly cared for.

Though wood is not infallible, it certainly has a pleasing aesthetic. The panel texture of wood has a rustic and organic look every homeowner is sure to love. A sand-colored paint job combined with staining will make your wood planks look quite chic yet also traditional at the same time.  

Be aware that traditional wood planks have the potential to appear a bit dim as this material does not reflect the sun as well as others. Accentuate the beauty of your wood planks with light from above and you’ll find they make your home look that much more artful.


MDF Planking

MDF is one of the more popular materials for planking yet it also has some limitations. MDF, short for medium-density fiberboard, is versatile and affordable. Similar to plywood, MDF is an engineered wood product that is installed with ease. However, MDF is dissimilar to traditional wood in that it lacks grain and knots. MDF begins as shavings and sawdust generated as the byproduct of milling. After dehydration, wood fibers combine with wax and resin to create panels. The panels are subjected to pressure and heat to form stiff hard shells. Large machines are used to sand the panels, providing them with a lovely smooth surface prior to being cut to size. 

Most MDF boards are dark brown or tan in hue. These boards are usually available in thick sheets, some of which are stamped or marked to highlight their resistance to moisture, whether they are fire retardant, etc. 

This cost-effective option is highlighted by a smooth surface that appeals to the eye and the touch. However, MDF as a material does not prove resistant to moisture. If subjected to moisture for an extended period of time, MDF planking has the potential to warp.

MDF is highly pliant yet it is also heavier than other types of wood such as plywood. MDF left untreated is likely to fracture or swell when subjected to moisture or water. 


PVC Planks

Shift your attention to PVC planks and you’ll likely agree it is the optimal choice. PVC is short for polyvinyl chloride. This material is rapidly growing in popularity for home design projects as it has several advantages over conventional materials. 

PVC planks begin as hollow core sheets comprised of plastic. The material is combined together with an adhesive after the application of a significant amount of pressure. This all-plastic material is unique in that it is not susceptible to mold, rust, and termites.

PVC planks are resilient and durable, holding strong against threats of all types. Those looking for highly versatile designs will gravitate toward PVC planks. The icing on the cake is the fact that minimal maintenance is required for PVC planks to hold strong across posterity. Regardless of how moist the home becomes, your PVC planks will not deteriorate or warp.

PVC has a relatively smooth and plain texture primarily because of its lovely polyurethane exterior layer. This layer prevents dust and dirt from building up on the material. PVC is also favored by some homeowners as it is unlikely to fade after extensive exposure to sunlight. The chemical makeup of PVC contains agents that prevent yellowing. As a result, the material reflects nearly the entirety of the sun that hits the surface. The end result is a visually striking aesthetic that the eyes gravitate toward.

Why Plastpro PVC Planking is the Optimal Choice

Plastpro PVC is favored by modern homeowners in search of a balance between function and form. Compare Plastpro PVC planking’s moisture resistance, durability, minimal maintenance, and economic efficiency to other options and you’ll find Plastpro emerges as the victor. 

Whether your primary concern is performance across the long haul, impact on the environment, or minimal upkeep, Plastpro PVC wall planking is the answer. Here’s a closer look at the many merits of PVC planking.

Durability and Moisture Resistance

Modern home design projects highlighted by Plastpro PVC wall planking are worthy of reverence and acclaim largely because they stand the test of time, remaining intact, beautiful, and functional long after installation. Plastpro PVC planking proves resistant to moisture, outperforming both MDF and traditional wood in regard to longevity. 

PVC planking withstands wear without faltering. This material remains strong and reliable even in areas with a considerable amount of moisture. Add in the fact that PVC planking retains its value across the long haul and there is even more reason to choose it for your home.

Low-Maintenance Living

Once your new planks are installed, the last thing that should enter your mind is plank maintenance. Ideally, you will spend as little time as possible maintaining the planks. PVC planks prove resistant to scratching, stains, and other threats. Ask homeowners who’ve selected PVC planks about their experience with the material and you’ll find they are eager to testify it is easy to clean and upkeep. 

PVC planks are even resistant to dreaded staining. Moreover, there is no need to repaint or refinish the material.

Cost-Effectiveness for Homeowners

In the end, your happiness with your new planks will be partially determined by their unique aesthetics yet also partially determined by the cost of the project. Crunch the numbers on the different plank options and you’ll find PVC planks are some of the most affordable across posterity thanks to the minimal maintenance and extensive lifespan. 

Even if you don’t mind outsourcing the maintenance work to home improvement specialists, embracing DIY plank maintenance on your own carries a financial burden. Such maintenance work chews up your time and energy, both of which have considerable value.

Environmental and Health Considerations

PVC plank production places minimal strain on the environment. Plus, PVC wall planks maintain both indoor air quality and human health. Plastpro has made an official commitment to both the safety and sustainability of its products including PVC planks.


Enhancing Your Home with Plastpro Planking

Now that you have a thorough understanding of the different plank options on the market, you can make a truly educated decision that improves your home without busting your budget. From cost to maintenance, durability, and beyond, Plastpro PVC wall planking is clearly the superior choice for homeowners looking to enhance interior spaces. 

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