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Our homes are more than just basic shelter—they act as a physical representation of our interests, values, tastes and lifestyles. Just as these things can vary wildly from person to person, so too can the home exterior each one of us chooses to put on display for the world to see. However, if you want your dream home to also be a top home in your neighborhood, you’ll need to incorporate some design elements from the hottest exterior design trends. 

Add Texture with Wood

Whether it’s used to cover an entire home or accent what’s already there, wood siding is making a comeback. One of the most popular looks involves board and batten, a type of siding that sees thin pieces of wood called battens placed atop broader pieces of wood called boards. This provides a cheaper alternative to the rustic barn look and is fairly easy to install. Since the batten will stick out further from the wall than the board, this method also provides an extra dimension to parts of your home.

Fiber cement siding, which is made with wood pulp, can also add versatility and durability to your outdoor design.

Built to Last

Durable materials are all the rage, marking a noticeable move away from products that require frequent repair or replacement—this trend can be seen in other areas, too, like consumer goods. Paying a little more for quality building materials now will save time and energy later, plus, those materials can bring a unique look to your home.

Incorporate Your Garage

The garage may be the place you go to work on passion projects or it may just be a safe space for your vehicle. Either way, a garage can be a large part of your property, making it a large part of your home’s curb appeal. Don’t forget to match your garage to your home when undergoing an exterior design project, and be mindful of your garage doors—especially if they face towards the street.

Put on a Light Show

If you’ve ever attended an indoor wedding with uplighting, you know how properly placed light can transform a space. The same can be done with the exterior of your home.

Use lighting to accentuate your home’s interesting features and to enhance safety for you, your family, or any guests on your property. Lighting options available to today’s homeowners include fire pits or outdoor fireplaces, subtle lights placed in or around a path, and solar-powered lights. 

Welcome in Outdoor Light

Outdoor lighting can make a difference during the nighttime, but changes to your indoor lighting habits can bump curb appeal during the day, too. Large, high glass fixtures that allow natural light to permeate homes can save on electricity while providing for striking exterior home design. 

Take Living Outdoors

Lately, social trends have seen people doing what they can to reconnect with nature, and that ongoing quest now influences exterior home design. Many homes are already equipped with indoor-outdoor living spaces like a gazebo, deck, front porch, or patio, but equipping those spaces with furniture and amenities that make it feel like an extension of your home will help create one seamless design experience. 

Deliberate Doorway

The front entrance to your home acts as both an introduction for guests and a welcome back home for you and your family. That’s why it should be a standout part of your exterior, highlighted with eye-catching features like columns and a beautiful, durable front door. 

Color Trends for 2022

If you’re looking to make an immediate impact on your home’s outward appearance, a fresh coat of paint can provide a fast change that’s hard to miss since it covers so much of the structure.

This year, home colors are trending darker than usual, creating the opportunity for owners to step outside the box and help their homes shine bright by going dark. One of the most popular colors is black, which is on the extreme end of the color spectrum but does a great job highlighting any unique details of a home’s exterior. If absolute darkness isn’t your thing, a deep shade of navy adds character to a home while providing the opportunity to match a number of colors to the easy-to-pair-with darker shade of blue. 

Homeowners are also choosing deeper browns to highlight greenery and green colors that open the way for darker accents. 

Want to change things up but unsure if one of the nontraditional color palettes above is right for you? Apply a white that’s warmer than usual—don’t be shy about turning your home cream or another shade of warm white, then use pastel colors on trimming to complement the more subdued take on a white exterior color. 

Upgrade Your Curb Appeal with Plastpro

Trends are also shifting when it comes to front door colors. If you aren’t comfortable taking your entire home exterior into darker territory, go with a black door. If you’re looking to add a splash of color to your exterior, choosing a focal point like the front door is an easy choice to make. Plastpro’s fiberglass doors offer a variety of options to fit your specific needs, and fiberglass is one of the most durable, energy efficient building materials available. Utilize necessary fixtures like Plastpro’s fiberglass doors to enhance your home’s exterior design.

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