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Spring is now in full swing, and the warmer weather and sunshine makes it a great time to upgrade a home’s exterior in celebration of the new season. One possible spring project that can tie the home together is adding exterior door trim to the front door. This one simple addition to a front door can add instant curb appeal to a home and make a tired front facade look brand new. 

There are multiple front door trim types and designs to consider. In this post, we list some exterior front door trim ideas for the spring and provide helpful links for how you can get your hands on these products. 

What is Exterior Door Trim?

Door trim (also known as moulding) goes around the frame of the door and hides the jambs of the frame. Homeowners usually insert exterior trim to cover up the jambs and further individualize their homes. Usually, trims come in multiple parts—the side pieces are known as the pilasters, and the top and bottom pieces are the lintels—and homeowners can mix and match styles to make their homes unique. 

Door trim ranges from simple and sleek to bold and brash—meaning you can find a design that fits your budget, personal aesthetic preferences, and architectural style. Here are some exterior front door trim ideas for your next project. 

Simple exterior trim ideas

Angled Trim

This siding is probably the most simple option for a homeowner. It gives a home a very clean and traditional look one would see in an old east coast home. The pieces are angled into the door, so it makes the front door the focal point of the home in an understated way. 

Butted Trim

Another simple yet classic style a homeowner should consider is the butted style siding. Rather than being angled, the pieces in this style are flat and act as an outline of the front door. This style is great for homeowners interested in a timeless, elegant style. 

Elaborate exterior trim ideas

Thick Trim

For a good blend of tasteful and bold design, you may opt for thick exterior door trim. Increasing the width of your trim will enhance your front door curb appeal, as your door will stand out from within the trim. For a truly eye-popping entryway, consider choosing a trim color that contrasts your home’s color.


If you have an arched door, adding archway trim will complement your door well while also providing excellent design flair.

Archways are a little more difficult to install than standard door trim, and it is recommended that you hire a professional to properly install it. Luckly, there are aids to installing this kind of exterior door trim. For example, Plastpro offers an Arch Header Kit to assist homeowners with installation. 

Extended Trim

If you’re looking to make a big investment, you may explore extended trim options. Extended trims are a great choice for homeowners looking to let in additional natural light into their home without installing a new door. These sidings are extended to allow for windows while still seamlessly incorporating into the entire home. 

There are two main glass options: transoms and sidelights. Transoms sit above the door, allowing light to enter in from the top. Sidelights sit on each side of the door, adding maximum natural light and creating a stunning entryway.

Like standard door trim, transoms and sidelights come in a variety of styles and can individualize your home—with the added benefit of more spring sunlight.

Update your entryway with Plastpro

Installing exterior door trims is an excellent way to individualize your front door without replacing it completely. There are a variety of options for homeowners to choose from that are not only stylish but also very functional.