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One of the largest benefits of fiberglass doors is their ability to combine the aesthetic and appearance of a wood door with the enhanced durability of composite material, which allows them to last for decades and prevail against corrosive agents.

Fiberglass doors, such as those from Plastpro, offer many skin designs, including realistic wood grain options. A high quality stain kit and proper application will provide all the necessary materials to match any wood look, allowing you to avoid struggling with the warping and rotting of real wood. Keep reading to learn tips on staining techniques to create fiberglass doors that look like wood. Be sure to refer to our Knotty Alder Staining Guide and Woodgrain Fiberglass Staining Guide for detailed steps on staining with Plastpro’s fiberglass door stain kits.

A quick overview of how to achieve a wood look on your fiberglass door

Before beginning the staining process, ensure you carefully read through all warnings and instructions based on your specific stain kit and door manufacturer. If you are using Plastpro’s stain kits, it is recommended to stain when temperatures are between 50°F - 90°F and humidity is below 85%. Be sure not to set up your door in direct sunlight or when dew is present. Lay down towels or protective drop cloths on the floor of your work area to prevent any stain from dripping onto the floor, and rest the door on elevated planks or sawhorses. Remove any hardware such as doorknobs, hinges, or weatherstripping, and tape off non-removable areas such as glass inserts. After putting on protective gloves and placing down clean cloths, take the following steps for a clean, professional finish:

  1. If your door is already stained, refer to the Stain Stripping Guide to properly remove any previous stains.
  2. Soak one of the clean cloths in the low odor mineral spirits, which act as a paint thinner, and wipe the door to remove any accumulated dust and dirt. This will ensure your stain and sealer go on smoothly and adhere to the fiberglass door. Allow the door surface to dry completely before applying stain.
  3. Using a stir stick, stir the pre-mixed stain until even. For woodgrain doors, apply a thin coat of the stain to the door using a 2.5-3” bristle brush. When the door is completely dry, starting with the door panels, use a rocking motion to paint long strokes up and down the door, making a woodgrain effect. Do not paint from side to side. For knotty alder doors, create realistic wood knots following our guide here.
  4. Once you’ve completed the panels, work from the center of the door out to the edges.
  5. After the stain is applied, it is time to perfect every detail. Using a clean, soft bristled paintbrush, feather out any streaks or patches of stain, painting in the same direction as the grain. If your door is paneled, be sure to reach every corner with a smaller paintbrush. Wipe off any excess stain as you work.
  6. To give your door a stronger wood streak appearance, run a hard bristled brush lightly over the door panels to brush away some of the stain.
  7. Allow the door to dry for 24 hours.
  8. Apply the provided clear polyurethane sealer with UV inhibitor using a fresh brush and allow it to dry per the finishing instructions. Apply three coats of this finish, allowing at least 3 hours of drying time between each application.
  9. Maintenance: Even a well-finished fiberglass door will be affected by exposure and weathering from the sun, moisture, and air pollutants. It is considered normal maintenance to re-apply the topcoat approximately every two years, and you may need to reapply as often as every 6 months if the door experiences high UV exposure.

Stain Kits includes everything you’ll need to achieve the appearance of wood

Create the authentic look of real wood with any of Plastpro’s Stain Kits. Each kit includes pre-mixed stain, mineral spirits, sealer, clean cloths, protective gloves, a 3” China bristle brush, two stir sticks, two skin samples and finishing instructions. All you need to do? Choose a color and kit type.

Plastpro’s stain kits come in various shades

Plastpro’s Pre-Finish Kits are designed to create an authentic, real-wood finish with easy-to-use materials and tools. Plastpro color offerings include Mahogany, Champagne, Blue Moon, Mink, Mocha, Dark Chocolate Truffle and Black Caviar. So, how do you choose the right fiberglass door stain color for your needs?

Consider the exterior where the door will live and if it’s better-suited to dark or light coloring. Another factor to keep in mind is the amount of sunlight exposure to the door, as UV light can fade your stained fiberglass door over time. For doors with no overhang or high sun and heat exposure, lighter tones will wear the best as they absorb less heat than darker colors. Please note: for doors that are exposed to harsh sun, constant reapplication of the top coat can help you still maintain the original color in the long run, especially for darker stains.

For those doors with low sun exposure, keep in mind the holistic home design and color palette when choosing a stain. Earth-toned homes, classic designs and modern, elegant finishes may support a darker stain, while quaint exteriors (like those of a cottage, or ranch) will benefit from a lighter hue.

Within the dark finishes, consider the Moroccan kit to add a bold accent to an otherwise neutral or Earth-toned exterior. The Mocha stain kit adds a traditional and rich appearance to any home, while the Dark Chocolate Truffle and Black Caviar stain kits exude modern luxury and vivid elegance, respectively.

Light finishes like the Champagne stain kit are timeless and utilize beige color and gold tones to blend with various color palettes and complement nearly any home. The Mink stain kit enhances a fiberglass door’s wood texture and emphasizes the woodgrain’s organic beauty. For a more eccentric look, the Blue Moon kit mixes blue and green notes with an overall tan shade to give an aging wood appearance without sacrificing a pop of color.

Where to purchase a fiberglass door stain kit

Visit Plastpro’s Fiberglass Door Stain Kits to pick the right kit for your door.

Check out Plastpro’s Where to Buy page to find the closest distributor for fiberglass doors, fiberglass door pricing and fiberglass door parts.


Due to the variability in finishing materials, application conditions, and techniques, all of which are beyond the control of Plastpro, Plastpro cannot be responsible for the performance of field applied finishes or individual application techniques.

Staining instructions are for Oil-Based, Premium Quality Wood Stains, or similar products designed for use on a fiberglass surface. Please note the instructions indicated are specific to the Zar brand stain included in our stain kit. Please reference the stain manufacturer’s instructions before applying any stain.

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