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The longer an art form persists, the higher the number of variations on that art form. Music exists in a wide spectrum of genres and is delivered to listeners in ever-changing ways. Visual art can now be displayed as easily on an electronic screen as it can in a frame on a wall. One of the world’s oldest art forms is home design, and the art of door making right along with it.

Material. Color. Shape. Accents. There are so many factors that can be mixed and matched to create a contemporary take on the entry door that leaves a homeowner happy with their decision. It may not be easy—after all, it isn’t easy to know what each instrument in an orchestra should do—but when executed properly, contemporary front doors can be the aesthetic keystone of a home.

Paint it Black

See a red door? Paint it black. In fact, do this with every other door, too.

Black doors introduce an opposite palette to brightly colored homes, creating contemporary contrast that can act as focal points. Further accenting black entry doors with black frames, black windows and slight black trim can expand the benefits of darkness to every corner of a home’s exterior presentation. This adds a bit of elegance to a home.

If a homeowner wants to avoid the evil villain look that large, solid black doors may lend to a home, it’s possible to break up the void with glass features. This will enhance curb appeal and allow sunlight to pour into the home’s entryway. Plastpro’s doorlites present an expansive array of options for glass in doors.

Go Full Glass

Glass looks clean, creates the illusion of space, allows nature to become a feature of a home and provides great protection thanks to modern glass making practices. Choosing full glass for a front door instantly adds contemporary stylings to a dwelling by leaning on the classic example of minimalism. Full glass doors feature long straight lines, giving the door a streamlined, clean look. As an added bonus, they’re easy to care for and keep looking new. Pair them with other glass features such as windows or accent lighting to create an entryway that acts as an experience.

Conversely, choosing glass as an accent rather than a door’s focal point can create a contemporary classic that elevates an entryway to museum-quality modernity. Long, vertical glass features are the way to go.

The Onelite Door Series presents a number of options for glass utilization in entry doors, while the Bienvenue Door in Plastpro’s Modern Series places its glass off-center for a strikingly modern take on the traditional mixed media entry door.

Country Doors, Take Me Home

As populations migrate from city living back to their rural roots, the rustic look becomes an ever-popular option for homeowners looking to add elements that sit their residence apart from the hustle and bustle. This classic look is made contemporary by its sleek lines and can be used to either contrast a home’s existing colors or act as a focal point in a strong entryway.

Go Big at Home

Whether it’s vehicles, technology or fashion, trends fluctuate from small to large and back again seemingly on a whim. Right now, doors are experiencing a similar phenomenon, with unnecessarily large front doors adorning the main entryways of a growing number of establishments. This trend leaves a massive first impression with passersby and creates an instantly unique experience for those who enter.

As a choice for a residential structure, larger-than-normal exterior doors can create issues like an increased loss in heat and more expensive upkeep. However, for the right homeowner, the benefits of these doors can be massive.

Custom doors are available through Plastpro, and in addition to their ability to fit doors to frames, Plastpro also creates doors with special features like the ability to install a kick plate for ADA compliance.

Create a Modern Look for Your Home with Plastpro

An entry door is the first impression homes give to visitors and the first aspect of a home that will greet residents when they return. Just as there are many ways to say hello in today’s connected world, there are many ways to customize front doors so they remain welcoming while performing all the necessary functions of a reliable exterior door. If the homeowner so chooses, a door can do all that while it exudes modern design, accents others aspects of the home or acts as the focal point of a fully-featured entryway.

Whatever the plan, Plastpro can help achieve the vision with reliable, customizable doors that can match a homeowner’s chosen style. Visit a Plastpro dealer to explore options and create a contemporary entryway—or adhere to an already established style. Plastpro doors are varied and adaptable just like today’s homeowner.

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