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There are multiple factors to consider when choosing a fiberglass door stain kit, including the type of kit and desired fiberglass door stain color, all in an effort to achieve an appealing finish. Plastpro’s below tips will help you choose the right fiberglass door stain kit for your aesthetic requirements.

Gel Staining Kits

Gel-based stain application requires detail-orientation and careful attention to instructions. Gel stains are moisture-filled, and fiberglass isn’t designed to accept an influx of moisture, so use gel stains on a case-by-case basis. Gel stains differ based on manufacturer, and it’s important to treat each individually and follow the instructions to elicit optimal results.

Gel stains mimic authentic wood door appearance without the risk of chipping and easy damage that wood doors can fall victim to. And while a gel stain and fiberglass door may cost more up front than a wood door, they’re more durable, energy efficient and weatherproof—reducing your overall cost of upkeep or the need for an additional storm door.

Oil Staining Kits

Oil staining kits require a selective eye as well, but when purchased and used properly, are better-suited to fiberglass doors than gel kits. Ensure you have a high-quality, opaque product that is heavily pigmented so it can grip to fiberglass. It’s important to select an opaque stain, as transparent or semi-transparent stains aren’t recommended for fiberglass doors unless the fiberglass has texture (think wood grain or porous texture) to absorb the stain, whereas oil stains are meant to add the appearance of this texture.

To maximize the appearance of fiberglass doors with oil stains, seal the stain with a layer of oil-based polyurethane. This forms a cured film that helps set the stain. Consider the UV rating on the polyurethane (you want UV inhibitors) since UV rays will fade the fiberglass door stain over time.

Choosing from the Fiberglass Door Stain Colors

Platpro’s Pre-Finish Fiberglass Door Stain Kits are designed to create an authentic, real-wood finish with easy-to-use materials and tools. Plastpro’s fiberglass door stain color offerings include Mahogany, Champagne, Blue Moon, Mink, Mocha, Dark Chocolate Truffle and Black Caviar. So, how do you choose the color right for your needs?

Consider the exterior where the door will live and if it’s better-suited to dark or light coloring. Earth-toned homes, classic designs and modern, elegant finishes will support a darker stain, while quaint exteriors (like those of a cottage or ranch) will benefit from a lighter hue.

     Fiberglass Door Stain Colors: Moroccan Red, Mocha, Dark Chocolate Truffle

Within the dark fiberglass door stain colors, consider the Moroccan stain kit to add a bold accent to an otherwise neutral or Earth-toned exterior. The Mocha stain kit adds a traditional and rich appearance to any home, while the Dark Chocolate Truffle and Black Caviar stain kits exude modern luxury and vivid elegance, respectively.

     Fiberglass Door Stain Colors: Champagne, Mink, Blue Moon

Light fiberglass door stain colors like the Champagne stain kit are timeless and utilize beige color and gold tones to blend with various color palettes and complement nearly any home. The Mink stain kit (previously referred to as the Early American) enhances a fiberglass door’s wood texture and emphasizes the woodgrain’s organic beauty. For a more eccentric look, the Blue Moon kit mixes blue and green notes with an overall tan shade to give an aging wood appearance without sacrificing a pop of color.

Pre-Staining Kits Make the Process a Breeze

Create the authentic look of real wood with any of our Pre-Finish Fiberglass Door Stain Kits.

Each kit includes the following:

  • pre-mixed stain
  • mineral spirits
  • sealer
  • clean cloths
  • protective gloves
  • a 3” China bristle brush
  • two stir sticks
  • two skin samples
  • finishing instructions

For step-by-step staining instructions and video guidance, see our How-to-guides. Check out Plastpro’s Where to Buy page to find the closest distributor for top-quality stain kits, fiberglass doors, and more.

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