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Natural light is an often sought after feature for any home. When given the choice between the sun’s natural rays and fluorescent lighting, most would opt for natural light over artificial. And for good reason—it’s a great feeling to walk into a warm, bright room.

However, while a brighter space is often the first thing that comes to mind, natural light also has many other benefits—for both a home and its residents. Let’s take a look at some of the most impactful.

Benefits of natural light

Improves wellbeing

There’s a reason humans are awake during the day and sleep at night. As we’re programmed to respond and adapt to sunlight, it makes sense for us to prefer as much natural light in our home as possible. Natural light also helps our bodies produce vitamin D, and a lack of natural light can even contribute to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), making natural light immensely beneficial to both our physical and mental wellbeing. 

Can help prevent mold and mildew

Another benefit of natural light is that it can potentially keep your house healthy and free of mold and mildew. Dark, poorly ventilated spaces, such as basement apartments, make it easy for these irritants to pop up. When a home is exposed to an abundance of sunlight, it can prevent the mold spores from growing and becoming a future issue.

Improves the appearance of your home

Many architects will design buildings to allow for as much natural light as possible, as it can make spaces appear bigger, illuminate a particular aspect of your home, and generally improve the aesthetic quality of the space. This certainly applies to homes, as prospective homeowners often seek homes with as much natural light as possible.

Can increase the value of your home

Going off of the last point, it’s not uncommon for houses with expansive windows and an abundance of natural light to sell for more than those that appear darker and more sheltered from sunlight. As mentioned before, natural light can help spaces appear bigger, and thus, as more valuable. New doors and windows are often recommended as ways to improve your home value before selling, and opting for those that allow for the most natural light can make your home even more appealing.

Adding natural light with Plastpro

There are many ways to add more natural light to a home. Often, adding windows is the first thing that comes to mind—but adding a new front door with glass is another great option that won’t require changes to any existing structure.

Plastpro’s Onelite and Nova Series’ offer a wide variety of options for any home, style, and preference to maximize your home’s natural light and the benefits that come with it. The Nova Door Series features direct glazed glass which creates a seamless blend between the glass and the door. Adding a full glass door option will allow maximum natural light into the space, making it a great choice for reaping the multitude of benefits natural light provides. Translucent glass options are also available, which are a great way to add light without compromising privacy.

Adding natural light with entry door glass inserts works well too, and these are available in our Knotty Alder, Oak, Smooth, Fir, Mahogany, and White Oak door skins.

In addition to the benefits of additional natural light, all our door series’ offer Plastpro’s exclusive HydroShield Technology, which will provide additional weatherproof durability and the security that comes with a high-quality, fiberglass exterior.

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