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There are many ways to improve your entryway, but enhancing your front door security is one of the most important considerations. Door security not only improves your safety, but it also provides priceless peace of mind.

One of the easiest and most common ways to improve door security is by upgrading your exterior door lock—but with a variety of lock types on the market, all with different features and price points, it’s difficult to know which direction to go. While the traditional door knob lock and deadbolt combo is a step in the right direction, there are other options to consider that can help reinforce your entryway and boost the overall security of your home.

One of these options is a multipoint lock. Similar to a traditional deadbolt, a multipoint locking system provides additional security for your door. Let’s take a closer look at what a multipoint lock is and how it can boost the safety and security of your home.

What is a Multipoint Lock?

A multipoint lock is a type of door lock that features deadbolts at multiple points in the door—typically at the top, middle, and bottom of the door. This provides enhanced protection by making it much harder to force open or break through the door.

While multipoint locks used to require each lock to be turned, modern systems allow for one single locking mechanism that controls each lock. This makes multipoint locks far more convenient, as homeowners can lock up just as they would with a traditional door lock.

One thing to note: while multipoint locks can be installed on existing doors, this is not always recommended. Doors that come fitted with a multipoint lock system will generally perform better. If you’re looking to add a multipoint lock to an existing exterior door, be sure to check with a professional to see what your options are.

Benefits of a Multipoint Lock

While upgrading your lock system comes with one obvious benefit, adding a multipoint lock to your door can provide some additional benefits as well.

Enhanced Home Security

The number one goal of anyone upgrading their locks is to improve safety and security. Naturally, installing a multipoint lock can do just that, specifically by providing enhanced security over traditional lock systems. Given that the door is secured at three points, this greatly decreases the chance of an intruder getting through the door, as each point would need to be compromised.

Improved Energy Efficiency

While it may not be the most traditional method to improve energy efficiency, adding a multipoint lock can actually improve the performance of your exterior door. The multiple lock points actually help improve the door’s seal, which can help prevent drafts from entering through the space between the door and the frame.

Insurance Benefits

The benefits of upgrading your door lock can extend to insurance premiums as well. Many insurance providers recognize the improved security that a multipoint lock provides, and this may lower the cost of your monthly premiums. Before making the switch, be sure to check with your insurance provider to see what specific benefits they provide.


Utilizing a multipoint lock can also help your door last longer. This is because the multiple lock points spread the weight of the door evenly across the lock system, meaning less pressure is put on the hinges. In the long run, this can keep your door and your hinges operating at a high level.

Secure Your Entryway With Plastpro

A new door lock can go a long way in improving your door security, especially an advanced lock system such as a multipoint lock. However, in order to maximize the security of your entryway, it’s important to consider the door and door frame first and foremost.

Plastpro’s fiberglass doors and composite door frames are up to the task. Fiberglass doors are a highly durable, secure option that, unlike wood, won’t warp or rot over time, meaning longer lasting home security. Plastpro’s doors feature a high density polyurethane door core and a tough outer shell built to withstand everything from attempted break-ins to severe weather. Plus, a full-lock block provides additional holding strength and can accommodate most locks.

Pair a fiberglass door with Plastpro’s PF Door Frames to create a nearly impenetrable entryway. These proprietary composite door frames are built to last long and can stand up to anything. Both doors and frames offer the beauty of natural wood without the security and longevity drawbacks.

To learn where to get your Plastpro fiberglass doors and frames today, visit our Where to Buy page.

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