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Homeowners far and wide have fairly plain, standard entry doors without much visual appeal. This often-neglected part of the home is overlooked as most home improvement and remodeling experts focus on the kitchen and bathroom. Take a look at homes with transom windows added above the front entry door and you’ll be smitten at first glance. 

The addition of a glass transom above the front door transforms this important part of the home. Plastpro is here to help with adding the perfect new glass transom that brings out the best in your unique living space. Combine a glass transom with a fiberglass door or an accessory such as a sidelight or speakeasy and you’ll be ecstatic with the look of your home’s entryway. 

Our products, available from local distributors, are perfect for DIY homeowners looking to upgrade their home exteriors for both aesthetics and functionality. Continue reading and you’ll find a door transom window perfectly positioned above the entry door boosts provides more than natural light. Glass transoms provide architectural beauty and also enhance ventilation. 

Without further ado, let’s explore the merits of door transom installation and why Plastpro’s offerings are second to none. We even provide some helpful tips for choosing the optimal transom window style and size for your home’s idiosyncrasies. 

Why Add a Transom Window?

A transom window might seem like a minor addition yet it makes a major impact. Here’s a quick look at the top reasons to add a transom window to your home.

A Visually Striking Architectural Element

Transom windows are intentionally positioned high, ensuring the door below remains shut. Though such an addition certainly provides a multitude of functions as detailed below, form matters just as much as function. 

Today’s transom windows tend to be stylistic additions that let the light flow inside, be it in the morning, afternoon or early evening. Lean on our expertise to help you choose the right new decorative glass transom for your home and your house will have that much more aesthetic appeal.

Better Ventilation

Transom windows date all the way back to the pre-air conditioning era. Rewind time back more than a century and transom windows served the purpose of opening and closing for ventilation purposes, allowing air to move inward from outside and spread across the entirety of the home or business. 

Let There be Light!

Transom windows are one part style, one part function. Though some entryway doors are partially made of glass, allowing sunlight to enter at a low level, glass transoms bring in the light from a higher elevation. The infusion of light into your home will lift your spirit, improve interior visibility and ultimately make your living space that much more appealing to yourself, family, friends and visitors.

Those with a completely solid front entryway door greatly benefit from the addition of glass transom as it provides much-needed illumination. You simply cannot get enough light at the entry point of your home.

Home Enhancement Beyond Doors

Glass transom windows are added to parts of the home aside from entryway doors. These unique windows can also be positioned above other windows, adding aesthetic pizzazz along with lovely sunlight. 

Transom windows can even be used to separate open rooms, creating two separate spaces. So don’t assume transom glass is limited to external walls. This stylish window has extensive versatility.

What Type of Home Styles Can Accommodate Transom Windows?

While most often used in farmhouse style homes, Transom windows have nearly unparalleled flexibility. Whether you live in a ranch or craftsman style home, a classic home with a Victorian stylistic bent or any other type of house, you’ll be able to add a transom window above your door or in another part of your living space without a problem. 

If you have a solid door, a partial glass door or another variety of door, rest easy. You can find the right glass transom for your home with Plastpro, infusing natural light that takes the interior of your living space to the next level. 

Our Onelite Series incorporates flush glazed glass that makes the most of natural light, serving as a fully removable stoop for glass switching sans full door replacement. The icing on the cake is the potential for highly efficient and stunning private glass options ranging from the Grid Between Glass option to low-emissivity glass.

Our selections also include the Nova Series. This series is highlighted by glass glazed to the door for a seamless door-glass connection. The expansive glass pane gives you a clear look at the exterior of your property while letting natural light flood inside. Choose between smooth grain and fir grain, select between square sticking profile and craftsman sticking profile and your new glass door will look exactly as desired.

Installing Transom Windows

Nearly every type of home can accommodate a transom window. The installation process of a glass transom isn’t nearly as intimidating as most assume. Though the optimal time to add any window is when the home is being constructed, it is still possible to artfully implement glass into an existing home. 

Choose the right licensed contractor to alter the area atop your entryway door or other part of your home and you’ll rest easy knowing the space in question is cut to perfection. 

Some homeowners opt for matching framesets and doors complete with pre-mounted transom glass, guaranteeing the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The end result of a front door transom is a truly artful revamp of your home’s entrance. 

If you’re thinking about undertaking this project, we’ve got your exterior door frame needs covered as well. Select our PF frame, short for poly fiber, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of a fresh new alternative to the conventional door jamb. Our material requires minimal maintenance yet outlasts other options on the market, maximizing value to the fullest.

Door Transom Alternatives

There are several ways to transform the interior of your home, especially if your primary focus is the entryway and surrounding area. If your aim is to inject light into the entryway, consider installing a new front door that is partially made of glass. A new door with glass features looks elegant and also allows light to move indoors.

Plastpro Doorlites are also an option worth considering in addition to a lovely new front door transom. Doorlites are glass inserts specifically designed for doors. This ornamental glass adds elegance and an aristocratic feel to the front part of any home or business. 

Choose between our wide array of unique glass insert styles and backdrop textures, install the one that suits your fancy and your home’s privacy and style will be taken to the next level. Plastpro Doorlites also provide thermal protection and safety to boot.

We provide a wide selection of glass inserts as we understand the front entryway is the focal point of every house and business. Each of our glass inserts has a distinct texture and style. Whether you are on the prowl for a modern glass insert or one of a more classic variety, we have the optimal fit for your unique living or working space. Each Plastpro Doorlite glass insert is composed of the industry’s best materials, guaranteeing visual appeal and sturdiness that stands the test of time.

Look through our glass insert selection for yourself and you’ll find all sorts of sizes and styles. There is even the option of customizing the glass’s aesthetic to your specific desires that heightens the appeal of your door, regardless of its material. From comparably small geometric styles to comprehensive coverage, we’ve got the right decorative glass insert for your home or business.

Examples of Plastpro Doorlites include:

  • Our balanced and traditional Castile glass insert
  • The sophisticated Brentwood Zinc
  • The Latticed Kensington
  • Elegant Priscilla, fit for royalty

Upgrade Your Exterior with Plastpro

Plastpro is here to bring out the best in your home, and entryway. Choose a new glass transom window and you’ll be taken aback by how this seemingly subtle addition transforms both the exterior and interior. Whether you are looking for an infusion of style or light, you’ll get both with the addition of a new glass transom.

We invite you to Find a Dealer to purchase Transom Sill, Doorlites or anything else from the Plastpro catalog!  

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