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If you’re looking to transform your space without starting a project that’ll last long or get too involved, planks offer easy installation and go a long way towards establishing a new motif in your home. The effortlessly beautiful design that accompanies the look of wood wall paneling adds raw charm that can turn an accent wall into a redefining feature of an area, and the versatility of wood means it can match a number of established design styles. 

Required Tools to Install Planking

To start your project, first you’ll need to choose the wall planks you’ll be installing. Plastpro’s planking kits give the appearance of wood but are actually made from a PVC material that’s high strength, water resistant and easily cleaned. The paneling features all the perks of a modern material while creating the appearance of real wood, and it isn’t measured in square feet so your project can be tailored to a very specific size, such as a small alcove or other space.

Once you’ve chosen your paneling, you’ll need to assemble your installation tools. Glue is a must, as well as a level, a miter saw, caulking and a nailer.

Steps to Install Plank Wall Paneling

To begin your project, remove your paneling from its packaging approximately three days prior to installation. This is especially important if you’re using real wood, as the wood needs time to acclimate—or adjust to the climate conditions of your home, especially its moisture content.

Dry Fit Your Paneling

Next, start by placing a piece of paneling at the bottom of your chosen wall. If your paneling has a small indent, make sure that’s facing up so it can be utilized with your other pieces of paneling. Check to make sure you’re comfortable with the way the paneling fits onto the wall. You may need to use a miter saw to adjust the length of your paneling.

Apply Adhesive

Depending on the surface and your paneling, you may be able to use glue, nails or a combination of the two to adhere your paneling to the wall. If you’re using glue, turn your paneling face down on the ground, apply the adhesive and affix the paneling in place. Use a level to be sure you’re starting with a sound base, and if necessary or desired, use a nailer to secure the paneling. 

Add A Second Piece

Again, dry fit the second piece onto the first by either matching the precut indents or fitting the two pieces snug against each other. Utilize the same routine to prepare and hang the paneling. Repeat until the desired area is covered in wall planks.

Advantages of Plank Wall Paneling

In addition to the ease of installation, plank wall paneling is extremely versatile. It can be purchased in a wide range of stains, sizes and textures. It can be as thick as thin as a wood veneer or as thick as large pieces of reclaimed barn door—because it can literally be made from pieces of barn door. It’s also one of the cheapest ways to change a space.

Plank wall paneling can highlight an area of a room that’s meant for a specific purpose, such as a workspace or a reading nook. It can also act as a divider in an open floor plan or help set an entire special room apart for the rest of the home. Given its affordability and small demand on time and labor, the only limit is imagination.

Upgrading Your Home with Plastpro

Whether you’re looking to add planking to a wall or introduce more of that wooden look by changing out your doors, Plastpro has you covered. The doors and planking provided by Plastpro provide the desired look while outfitting your home with the advantages that come along with materials like fiberglass and PVC, such as low maintenance and decreased energy costs. Find a Plastpro dealer to help begin your new project and transform your space! Plastpro planking is also available for individual purchase at Amazon

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