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The sound of a door slamming can be startling and annoying. Unless someone in the home is responsible for slamming the doors, it can be frustrating to determine why the door is slamming in the first place—and how to prevent it from happening.

The good news is, no matter the cause, it’s possible to stop doors from slamming. Let’s take a look at a few ways on how to do so.

5 Ways to Stop a Door From Slamming

1. Check the Hinges

There are a variety of reasons why a door might slam shut often—some directly related to the door and some not. As a rule of thumb, a good place to start investigating is the hinges.

Door hinges wear over time, and old hinges may result in the door closing more easily. This can lead to the door slamming more often. In this case, replacing the hinges is the best way to stop the door from slamming.

However, if the hinges are fairly new or don’t appear worn down, it may be an alignment issue. If the hinges weren’t installed properly or the screws are loose, the door may be out of plumb—or not level to the frame. To check this, open the door to a 90-degree angle from the frame and use a level on the side of the door. If the door is leaning, it may be causing the door to slam—as well as other issues.

To fix this, first try tightening the hinge screws. If this doesn’t solve the issue, the door may be improperly installed. In this instance, the door will need to be re-hung—it’s best to have this done by a professional to ensure the door is hung properly.

2. Use Pinch Guards

If it’s not the hinges, often a door slamming is a result of external factors—commonly, open windows or doors. This causes pressure changes in the home that result in the movement of air, which can cause doors to slam shut.

In this case, it’s not necessary to shut all the windows to stop the door from slamming. Instead, try using pinch guards. Often used for baby-proofing the home, pinch guards block doors from closing all the way. This prevents fingers from getting pinched by the door—but it also works well to stop the door from slamming.

Pinch guards are very easy to install—simply slide the guard around the side or top of the door. If a draft pulls the door, the pinch guard will hit the frame and stop the door from slamming shut.

3. For Slamming Open, Use Bumpers

The sound of a door slamming shut can be startling, but a door slamming open can also be a problem—and can even lead to damage. For example, when a door slams open, the force of the door knob hitting the wall may result in potentially costly damage to the wall.

There’s a simple solution to prevent this: door bumpers. These small pads are attached to the wall at the height of the door knob. When the door slams open, the door knob will hit the bumper instead of the wall, which will not only prevent damage, but also soften the sound as well.

Like pinch guards, door bumpers are easy to install—simply line up with the door knob and stick to the wall.

4. Install a Door Closer

If the door is constantly slamming shut, it may be worth investing in a door closer. While this is a more expensive option than other solutions, they are specifically designed to stop doors from slamming.

For residential homes, pneumatic door closers are a good option. Professional installation is recommended for pneumatic door closers to ensure the motion of the door isn’t hindered. Once installed, these door closers can be adjusted to find the right pressure and speed to prevent the door from slamming.

5. Use a Doorstop

Sometimes the best solution is also the simplest. At the end of the day, using a doorstop is a time-tested way to stop doors from slamming. Simply wedge the doorstop underneath the door to prevent the door from closing, and remove it when you’re finished.

Stop Your Doors From Slamming Today

Whichever method you choose, there’s no need to have to listen to the bang of a slamming door. Door slams are usually preventable, so don’t wait to get the tools you need to stop your doors from slamming.

For more great home tips, visit the Plastpro blog or check out our how-to guides today.

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