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A front door is incomplete without the right hardware. Hardware for entryway doors provides both function and form. The addition of a transom window that allows sunlight and possibly even fresh air indoors will make quite the impact. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Hardware options for front doors are wide-ranging, including entrance sets, knobs of all different types, and deadbolts. Add a speakeasy, hinge, or another accessory to your front door and you’ll enjoy enhanced beauty, function, and security.

What is Entry Door Hardware?

There is a common misperception that front doors are mostly the same. Take a look at the options on the market and you’ll find entry door hardware options are quite varied. Everything from door locks to stylistic accessories, levels, and unique knobs constitute different types of entry door hardware with unique function and form.

Deadbolts complete with handle sets, a lever or knobs add visual nicety along with enhanced safety. Ideally, the door handle you install will provide visual uniformity with the exterior of the door for a comprehensive front porch aesthetic you are happy to see every time you head inside or out.

Choosing Front Door Hardware: Factors to Consider

Think twice before choosing the first hardware option you find online or at a local store. Do your due diligence including considering the factors below and you’ll move forward with the right modern front door hardware for your home!

Style Considerations

Front door styles are wide-ranging from modern chic aesthetics to traditional and options in between. The right hardware style for your unique home might not be optimal for the neighbor’s home or others. Take your time, carefully picking out the best hardware style for your specific house and you’ll greatly improve the aesthetic of your home’s front door. Style and finish varieties include those featuring

Lovely silhouettes

Geometric shapes

Lines with striking angles 

What matters most is your personal stylistic preference and the surroundings of the entryway. Match colors and stylistic components with the rest of the house and the end result will be a uniform aesthetic that impresses neighbors and passersby. 

As an example, entry doors of the classic variety are typically an antique brown or dark red in color. Rustic entry doors are of the wrought iron or bronze variety, oftentimes featuring a monolithic style handle set or sectional handle set. The modern front door is characterized by stainless steel complete with a lever.

Durability and Material

Front door hardware is made with different materials, one of which is sure to not only suit your style needs, but also put your mind at ease when it comes to durability. As an example, some of the most popular material options are stainless steel and traditional brass. Aside from security and aesthetics, material also matters in the context of weather and durability. The quality of the finish and resistance to corrosion are key considerations when making a selection. 

If you take the brass route, lean toward a polished brass finish optimal for outdoor use to prevent tarnishing and boosting aesthetic appeal with modern and traditional aesthetics. Choose stainless steel and you’ll enjoy the striking beauty of silver without running the risk of rusting. Homeowners considering bronze should be aware that it has the potential to reveal a brown hue below after consistent touching. 


Nothing is more important than the security of yourself and your loved ones. Above all, your front door should be secured by a sturdy deadbolt. However, there are different types of locks on the market, each with its own unique security advantages (and some weak points). Consider the installation process, the security of the locking mechanism, and other nuances before moving forward with a purchase. 

Keyless entry technology is optimal for households with several people. Technology has even advanced to the point that it is possible for coordination with voice command apps using a smart home assistant or smartphone. Do your due diligence before buying a lock to ensure it is ANSI/BHMA rated to pass the standards set by the industry’s safety experts. 

Locks that are grade 3 bolster residential security

Locks that are grade 2 offer security for light commercial or residential buildings, proving challenging to pick

Locks of the grade 1 variety are the industry’s safest, providing security for both commercial and residential properties

In terms of locksets, consider the option of an electronic door lock. Electronic door locks do not need a key. Rather, this setup uses a touchscreen along with a numeric pad or even a remote on a keychain. 

Technology has advanced to the point that electronic door locks are now available with biometric locks that read the thumbprint. Keyed doorknobs, levers, and deadbolts are more traditional options that prove more affordable yet lack high-tech security elements. 

Industry advancements now include keyed handlesets. This bold and decorative addition to a door consists of an exterior handle, a thumb-operated latch, and a high-quality deadbolt. A knob or lever is used for latch use from the interior. Deadbolts of both the double and single-cylinder varieties are available.

Proper Fit

Fit means everything when it comes to adding new hardware. As the best engineers say, always measure twice. Proper measurement ensures hardware is accommodated to perfection within the allotted amount of space. Accurate measurement saves you time and frustration throughout a DIY installation, guaranteeing the door knob or handle set you select is a secure fit. 

Zero in on the doorknob, thickness, and other subtleties. Even the measurements of the lock must be precise. Though the average door is likely to measure 1 ¾ inches thick, yours might be slightly different. Double-check the measurements before selecting an exterior door lock set. 

Door handing identifies the door side connected to the frame, determining the installation side for the door hardware. Gauge the door handling to ensure the door hardware you have in mind is fully compatible.

The backset also matters. The backset is the space from the door edge to the hole center. The average door has a backset of around 2.5 inches, give or take an eighth to a quarter of an inch. 


Your front door is one of the few parts of the house used on a daily basis. Thankfully, hardware is available to make the routine that much easier. From keyless locks to doorknobs, handles, and more, there are plenty of solutions. Safety is the primary concern yet convenience is also important. Keyless entry sets are perfect for homeowners who live busy lives, juggling the kids, pets, grocery shopping, and other responsibilities.

One choice is to ppt for keyless entry and you’ll unlock the door with your smartphone app, a code entry, or through key location detection via proximity. Each option enhances security yet also facilitates easy entry into the house. 

Smart keyless entry technology is especially helpful for those who are forgetful as it empowers homeowners to lock the door with the use of a phone from any location. This high-tech approach is exactly what you need to lock your home’s door from afar, be it at work, the supermarket, your daughter’s soccer game, or elsewhere.

Customize Your Front Door with Plastpro

Plastpro has the industry’s best hardware for your front door. We carry a wide array of door accessories for your home or business. Our accessories are the perfect complement to hardware, creating a highly unique door style that matches the architecture of your home.

Our front door accessories enhance home curb appeal, forming entryways that make a stunning first impression and also create a sense of pride. Add our decorative hardware to your front door for an infusion of style and personality and your home will stand out all the more. 

From the classic Rustic style to Oak, Nova, and Craftsman, we've got the optimal decorative hardware for your home. Consider the addition of a dentil shelf to make your front door look that much more sophisticated. Positioned at the top of the door, the dentil shelf provides dimensionality with a lovely smooth skin, fir or oak finish, taking the focal point of your home to the next level. 

A Simulated Divided Lites Kits for front door glass can elevate your door's beauty while simultaneously enhancing light as it moves inside your home. Regardless of your unique front door's style and size, we've got a kit that is compatible. Each kit is pre-cut and installed with ease, providing an easy way to bolster curb appeal. 

Even a subtle addition such as a new knocker or doorknob will infuse new style and spirit into your home's front door. Additional quick and easy additions that make a meaningful difference include composite material moulding for aesthetic appeal and added protection, hinges, sidelights, welcome mats, and even front door wreaths.

Our products are available through local distributors. Find a Dealer online to purchase door accessories and additional Plastpro products that bring out the best in your home!

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