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The utilization of glass at home can instantly change a dwelling’s dynamic. Glass options can make spaces feel roomier than they actually are, add a touch of luxury or modernity to a home’s features, and provide homeowners with a viable alternative to other building materials. 

There are a lot of reasons to give glass a chance, but some may find it hard to get over the negative connotations the word carries. Hearing the word glass doesn’t exactly inspire thoughts of strength—from houses to hearts, popular culture is full of references to glass being a fragile thing. When it comes to reality, though, is glass strong enough to be a trusted part of the structure that keeps you and your family safe during your most vulnerable moments? Specifically, can glass cut it as an entry door?


Glass Front Doors Pros

Glass has curb appeal, and glass front doors are no exception—especially when compared to their counterparts in metal and wood. Decorative glass can be utilized to display a wide array of designs and patterns without compromising its ability to act as a safe barrier from the outside world, and other aspects such as color can be part of those decorations. Front doors made of glass can also provide breathtaking views of the decorations hung up by Mother Nature, with full glass doors acting as enticing options for homes built in scenic areas.

No matter the scenery, these sorts of doors are still great for letting natural light into a space, eliminating the need for energy use during the bulk of the day and adding a touch of natural flair to a home. When it comes time to clean those doors and make sure as much light is coming in as possible, homeowners will find maintenance on their glass doors to be as easy as spraying a door with glass cleaner and wiping it down.


Glass Front Doors Cons

There are pros and cons to every choice, and the same goes for choosing glass entry doors over other front door options.

There’s a trade off with nature. Yes, folks with glass doors can observe more of the outside world and enjoy the benefits of sunlight, but a lack of insulation means that an unwanted aspect of the outside world—the cold—can find its way into a home easier than it would through an insulated front door.

Observing more of the outside world may also mean it can observe more of you, too. Glass front doors can give onlookers the option to get unnecessarily familiar with the interior of your home.

Lastly, despite advancements in glass durability, the material is still behind its contemporaries when it comes to withstanding blunt force. However, front door glass is usually thicker than the glass used in windows or a patio door, so the likelihood someone will break the glass and break into your home doesn’t necessarily change with the installation of a glass door.


Are Glass Front Doors Private?

Glass front doors can be as private as you’d like them to be.

A rating system that ranks the privacy level of glass is usually assigned to doors made from the substance, with 10 acting as the ceiling of privacy. If the ratings are too much for you or you’re just looking to handle your issue without having to handle all the jargon, focus on a privacy-minded glass, like a frosted option.

What Type of Glass is Used in Front Doors?

Frosted is just one of the many types of glass that’s usually utilized in a front door. Tempered glass and safety glass are both similarly suited to protect your home, while laminated glass covers the glass in a chemical that keeps it together, even if it’s eventually broken.

Plastpro’s fiberglass doors provide a spin on the material and pair the processed glass that is fiberglass with other elements, such as insulated cores. The company’s Nova series places large panes of glass within their fiberglass doors creating an appealing, durable marriage that allows full glass to also feel safe and economical.


Should I Purchase a Glass Front Door?

If you find yourself drawn to glass entry doors, consider following through—especially if your prospective glass front door is also made from fiberglass. The uptick in your energy bill that’s caused by the exposed glass portion of the door may be completely offset by fiberglass and its propensity for energy efficiency. Fiberglass also adds durability to the equation and allows for secure safety additions to the side of the door, like deadbolts. Fiberglass doors have proven to be secure points of entry that bolster home security.

Secure and Beautiful Doors from Plastpro

Whether they’re the aforementioned Nova series or the heavily customizable glass doorlites, Plastpro has beautiful and unique options for homeowners looking to utilize glass in their home design aesthetic. Find a Plastpro dealer near you to explore the different ways glass and fiberglass can be utilized to create a welcoming, safe entryway.

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