Testing Results

Door Testing Results

Plastpro is a leader in creating durable and long-lasting fiberglass doors. Engineered to exceed standards, our products are comprehensively tested to ensure the highest quality.

The proof is in our test results. Use this page to find a Plastpro product to fit your door performance requirements.

Learn more about the safety, durability, and environmental performance of our energy-efficient entry doors and composite entry doors.


WARNING: These products may include styrene, titanium dioxide and wood dust, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Plastpro Testing Results Search Tool

Find a perfect-fit for your door requirements with our search tool. The tool filters our fiberglass doors with their performance factors. Tests and results in this tool include: preventing heat escape (U-factor), blocking heat from the sun (SHGC), and resistance to heat loss (R-value).

Learn more about energy-efficient doors and performance ratings.

Testing Results by Independent Laboratories

Plastpro continues to be a leader in test results for the physical and structural components of our high-performing fiberglass doors. Plastpro doors have passed the following industry-standard tests performed by separate testing facilities.

ASTM D1761Screw Holding Capacity Test
ASTM F1450
Door Static Load Test
ASTM D-1666Machining Test the Plastpro Door met
Requirements for Sawing, Planning,
Routing, Boring, Drilling and Chiseling.
ASTM E 283Air Infiltration
ASTM E 331Water Infiltration
ASTM E 547Water Infiltration
ASTM E 330Uniform Structural Load
E1886 / E1996
Impact / Cycle Test
TAS 201Impact Test
TAS 202Air/ Water/ Structural Test
TAS 203Cycle Test
NFRC 100-2004,
NFRC 200-2004,
NFRC 500-2004
FIRERATED NFPA 252, UL10C 20 Minutes
Fire-Rated Door Warnock Hersey Certified

The NFRC establishes door testing procedures and standards, with testing carried out by independent door-testing laboratories. These tests examine safety and durability performance factors.

Testing Result Search Tool


Testing Files (PDF Format)

Further information and specifics on Plastpro products.

Testing results from Sound Transmission Class and Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class tests on Plastpro doors. The STC test evaluates and rates how well sound is diluted. The OITC test measures transmission of sound between outdoor and indoor spaces, and is focused on sound related to transportation traffic.

Plastpro 6/8, 7/0, & 8/0 Door Sound Transmission Class Testing.pdf


Information on Plastpro doors tested for Canadian code compliance and energy efficiency criteria.

Plastpro Canadian labeling 6-8 Door Systems.pdf

Plastpro Canadian labeling 8-0 Door Systems.pdf

NRCan Energy Star Door search page


What is VOC?

Plastpro VOC/CARB Emissions Certificate.pdf