Glass Families

A beautifully designed entryway helps set the stage for the rest of the home and creates a welcoming passage from public space to private abode. Nothing accomplishes that better than our exclusive glass designs that improve the look and value of your home while adding beauty to your everyday living.


Tabitha Glass

Privacy Level: 7

The assortment of the three individual textures accentuates the romantic centerpiece of this glass arrangement, making the unique flower-esque design stand out against its patterned background. 


Elizabeth Glass

Privacy Level: 7

The patina caming feature separates the diverse combination of glass textures into a complex geometric pattern. Its grooved border contrasts the smooth consistency of the glass within, framing this picture-perfect glass design.  


Chianti Glass

Privacy Level: 8

This arrangement finds the ideal balance between simplistic and complex as the clean wrought iron lines enhance the intricacy of the rainfall textured glass. The combination of straight and curved lines artistically blends to create a pattern as bold as its namesake. 


Oxford Glass

Privacy Level: 9

The frosted glass feature on this design allows for complete anonymity and seclusion, but is contradicted by the transparent check design that adds a hint of modern dimension to its elegant disposition.


Miniblind Glass

Privacy Level: 1

We’ve reinvented our miniblind feature to offer a clean, cordless design that incorporates a single, easy-to-use lever to control the height as well as the tilt of your blinds. Their placement between our Low E or Clear IG glass options eliminates dusting, making these miniblinds effective and painless.


Riverton Glass

Privacy Level: 8

Powerful bevels frame the bright, frosted glass without overriding the simplicity of the design, while the pixel-like corners take on a medieval feel that adds a touch of character to its modest nature. 


Spring Glass

Privacy Level: 9

This arrangement emphasizes its clean-cut arrow design with two-tone glass colors that provide a subtle charm to its otherwise straight edge pattern. The water-like glass textures stay true to its name, as they remind us of the placidness of springtime. 


Castile Glass

Privacy Level: 8

Ornate in its nature and history, this Baroque-inspired glass balances the intricacy of its centerpiece with a straight-lined, beveled border. 


Clear Glass

Privacy Level: 1

This glass design is constructed for maximum clarity as the gentle bevels only slightly obscure the view from within. 


Aberdeen Glass

Privacy Level: 9

For a more modern feel, this pattern mirrors a futuristic model with its stark, clean profile and frosty reed glass that is perfect for maintaining privacy within your home.


Kensington Glass

Privacy Level: 7

The combination of the frosted, straight and horizontal lines creates a more indigenous pattern that is underlined by the clear, water-like texture within its border. The scene depicted in this glass arrangement illustrates lush, green fields beside a refreshing body of water.


Brentwood Glass

Privacy Level: 8

* Also available in patina caming

Another classically inspired arrangement, our Brentwood piece epitomizes a pompous-styled glass as demonstrated by its bold centerpiece, outlined by a crystal-like granite border. 

Artesano Breeze

Artesano Breeze Glass

Privacy Level: 7

This glass takes us back to the early twentieth century with its tasteful blend of small and large geometric figures. This pattern’s transparent features work to create an overall delicate formation.


Priscilla Wrought Iron Glass

Privacy Level: 9

The wrought iron lines gently curve to form an intricate pattern against the bubble tempered glass, finding the perfect blend between its dainty figure and dense structure. 


Camelia Wrought Iron Glass

Privacy Level: 9

Camelia simplifies the wrought iron curvature, which contrasts against the waterfall textured background. This glass portrays sophistication, with a hint of ardor.


Solstice Glass

Privacy Level: 8

Our Solstice arrangement provides a simplistic border outlined in patina caming. The frosted glass creates a sense of complete seclusion, while small sections of the design allow for minimal light to come through.


Artesano Glass

Privacy Level: 7

Similar to its counterpart, Artesano Breeze, this design includes hints of yellowish tint to the otherwise clear and simplistic pattern, adding subtle details to this 1920’s inspired piece.