Plastpro Doors

About Plastpro Doors

Old World craftsmanship meets innovative technology to make Plastpro Doors the most advanced, high-quality fiberglass door available on the market today. Since 1954, the world-renowned Formosa Plastics Group and one of its leading companies, Nan Ya Plastics Corporation, have been dedicated to offering its customers a top quality product at the highest possible value. The Formosa Plastics family of companies is vertically integrated from the production of raw materials to the finished product, allowing for superior coordination of all steps in the production process. Now Plastpro continues in the tradition by being dedicated to offering the highest possible service and reliability. With our commitment and this powerhouse of materials research and technological development behind us, it's no wonder we can put forth the consistently innovative products that make us first in fiberglass.

Vertical Integration

Whereas products and components of other companies may be outsourced, plastpro doors can boast total vertical integration. We manufacture every part of our doors, from the raw materials like polyurethane, polyester, and fiberglass, to the actual doors, doorlites and sidelites. This allows us complete quality control.

Innovative R&D

Vertical Integration means that we can focus our efforts on perfecting the quality of each individual door component. This further allows our internal Research and Development department the freedom and flexibility to create innovative products that serve both market need and demand.

ISO 9001 Designation

Our products have achieved world class recognition through ISO 9001 designation for strict adherence to leading international quality standards

Energy Star Partners

As a part of our ongoing commitment to responsible environmental practices, we are proud to be partners in the United States Government's Energy Star program. As an Energy Star Partner, our products have been shown to meet the government's regional standards for energy efficiency and conservation. The energy star label makes it easy to make a difference for the environment while saving money.