Snap-on doorlite frames

BTHP™ Snap-on Door Lite Frames

Door lites add a beautiful detail to any exterior door. Our exclusive snap-on frames for door lite glass make installation a breeze, and equip you with the durability and resilience needed to protect your home.

Our “Better Than High Performance” BTHP™ snap-on frames lock decorative glass firmly into place, and are designed to stay hardy in extreme weather conditions and harsh climates.

Snap-on Frames for Door Lites

Most other frames still use screws to secure door lites. Plastpro BTHP™ Doorlite Frames are a unique and easy way to install door lites to your exterior doors.

Through a series of specially designed clips, the snap-on frame locks firmly into place around the door lite glass. The framed glass can then be easily inserted into your entry door.

Great for either modern or traditionally-styled entryways, our frames provide the high quality look you desire. The clean design of your door won’t be interrupted with unsightly screws or plugs in the glass frame.

BTHP™ Snap-on Door Lite Frames.
A series of clips lock the frame firmly into place around the door lite glass.

Durable Door Lite Frames

Made of engineering plastic ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene), our frames are ideal for the strength and impact resistance you need with your exterior door glass. Like all Plastpro products, our high performance snap-on frames are weatherproof and resistant to harsh climates:

  • Our durable doorglass frames are impervious to moisture, and resist water damage such as rot and mildew.

  • Designed to withstand temperatures over 200 degrees Fahrenheit, our frames are well-suited for severe climates and extreme weather conditions.

Entry Door Glass Made Easy

Fast and easy to install, our door lite frames can be installed by both DIY customers and professionals alike. The unique locking frame keeps the glass pane firmly in place without detracting from the beauty of your door. BTHP™ Frames create a cleaner, more natural appearance in any entryway.

The durable material of our door lite frames is easy to paint or stain, allowing you to have the custom entryway you’ve been dreaming of.

Get the beauty you want from door lites without unsightly screws or compromised strength – see just how easy it is to install snap-on door lite frames in this quick video.

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