AIA Approved Continuing Education Courses

AIA Approved Continuing Education Courses

AIA Approved Continuing Education Courses


 Gateways to Sustainable Design

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Course No. PLA123       1.0HSW/SD/LU

Course Description: An overview of the components, green features, and testing standards of fiberglass entry doors.  Comprehensive comparison of the properties between fiberglass, wood and steel doors.

Comparing Performance of Fiberglass, Steel and Wood Entry Doors   

Course No. FGD210       1.0HSW/ LU

Course Description: Comparing Performance of Fiberglass, Steel and Wood Entry Doors

PF™ Door Frames     

Course No. PF-FRAME 101      1.0 LU/HSU HOUR

Course Description: This course discusses the performance benefits of polyfiber door frames, including testing, showing the material's moisture, rot, and insect resistance. It also describes the performance drawbacks of the typical exterior door frame materials of metal and wood.

Impact Rated Fiberglass Doors for Severe Weather Events     

Course No. HVHZ101a      1.0HSW/ LU

Course Description: This course reviews damages of past hurricanes, advances in Florida Building Code, and how impact-rated fiberglass doors can protect a home. When the new Florida Building Code became law in early 2012 , door manufacturers had already started beefing up their impact-rated models. Their goal: to create, test and certify doors to meet the most stringent wind and impact code requirements in the nation. In vulnerable areas, exterior impact rated doors serve as critical envelope components that help keep a home safe during violent wind events. 

Residential Exterior Doors 101a    

Course No. 101a       1.0/LU  

Course Description: This course is designed to provide students with the fundamentals of various phases of residential exterior door construction and application. Course covers the identification of door casings, hardware and related terminology.

Plastpro Fiberglass Door Factory Tour    

Course No. PPTour      2.5HSW/LU

Course Description: Factory tour of Plastpro’s 250,000-square-foot automated door manufacturing facility in Ashtabula, Ohio gives participants a thorough overview of the fiberglass door manufacturing process from sheet molding compound (SMC) testing to assembly and quality control measures. Participants will be treated to touring the first and only fully automated fiberglass door manufacturing facility in the U.S. The plant’s advanced manufacturing methods along with integrated factory computer control system automates repetitive tasks in order to increase productivity,  enable greater quality control, ensure product consistency, and enhance employee safety.