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Plastpro is an industry leader in fiberglass door systems.

The following documents are to help you or a client learn more about our technology and products, and make a decision to best fit your door needs.

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Full Line Brochure: The full Plastpro product line, with color photos of our fiberglass doors, accessories, doortlite designs and options,  ADA-compliant door series, safety and impact door series, and painting and staining guides.

Specification Guide: Fiberglass entry door specification guide.

Trimmable Flyer: Overview of our trimmable fiberglass doors. Includes photos, sizes and product numbers.

Plastpro Fact Sheet: Overview of the product lines for Plastpro fiberglass door series, fire-rated and waterproof doors, ADA-compliant doors, HydroShield technology, and Plastpro original doorlites. Detailed information can be found in the Full Line Brochure.

Door Comparison Flyer: How do Plastpro fiberglass doors stand up against other doors? This flyer provides a side-by-side comparison of structure and durability.

PF Frame Brochure: Need an alternative to traditional wood jambs? Plastpro’s PF Frames are a long-lasting, rot-free frame option for entry door systems.

HydroShield Technology: Sealed on all six sides with composite material, Plastpro doors are ideal for extreme weather conditions. Together with PF frames, they create a moisture barrier that extends the life of your door and your entryway.

Staining Guide: Step-by-step instruction on staining a fiberglass door wood grain finish, complete with photos and supply list.

Fire Rated Brochure: Plastpro fire-rated doors and waterproof doors can qualify homeowners for tax credit. Includes product information and photos of qualifying fiberglass doors.

Architect Fact Sheet: Testing results, LEED contributions, manufacturer certified statement, and overview of features and benefits of Plastpro products. 

ADA Flyer:  Introducing the ADA-compliant door by Plastpro.

Modern Door Flyer: Features and benefits of Plastpro’s line of modern design fiberglass doors, complete with color photos of the product series.